11 maj 2019
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In this episode of The F2 Show we challenge Gigi Wijnaldum & Rhian Brewster to a 'Would You Rather', the Super Roulette tutorial, an epic bounce board challenge and talk all things football in this week of the UEFA Champions League with Santander!
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  • YES GUYS! The F2 Show is back with features from Gigi Wijnaldum, Rhian Brewster, tekkers tutorial on the super roulette and every UCL! Let us know in the comments section what your favourite segment of the show is! Love, peace & tekkers! Billy & Jezza!

    F2Freestylers - Ultimate Soccer Skills ChannelF2Freestylers - Ultimate Soccer Skills ChannelÅr sedan
    • F2Freestylers - Ultimate Soccer Skills Channel I think wan Bissaka is better defensively

      yoyoÅr sedan
    • Arsenal for life jezz

      Ryan AcheampongRyan AcheampongÅr sedan
    • I am so exited but really hope to play with you both to help improve my football technique

      Ryan AcheampongRyan AcheampongÅr sedan
    • Sergio roberto is better then arnold

      KasparasKasparasÅr sedan
    • Guys Nemanja Vidic was better by far than Virgil Van Dijk... You good broo!? 😁

      Branislav StakićBranislav StakićÅr sedan
  • Liverpool vs Barcelona is better is then the Tottenham match

    Leif WoolleyLeif Woolley3 dagar sedan
  • who agrees that Liverpool vs Barcelona, PSG vs Barcelona, Spurs vs Ajax, and Ac. Milan vs Liverpool are the the best Champions League games ever

    RMP TekkzRMP TekkzMånad sedan
  • Liverpool best team

    3 skill twins skill3 skill twins skill6 månader sedan
  • Why isn't Brewster in the title?

    Mitchell AdlemMitchell Adlem6 månader sedan
  • Nederland oh nederland 🇳🇱 wilhelmus van...... like als je uit ned merland komt

    MFF SamuMFF Samu9 månader sedan
  • Alexander is best in world

    Sheila HandleySheila Handley9 månader sedan
  • Trent is a beast

    FrzY FireFrzY Fire9 månader sedan
  • yes anold is amazing

    Thomas CHAN [10Y1]Thomas CHAN [10Y1]10 månader sedan
  • Why do people appreciate the likes when it's just a button Edit: my balls

    Nassir SayNassir Say11 månader sedan
  • I do double drag back every time I play football

    HWY clanHWY clan11 månader sedan
  • 8:21 who else got scared

    veena sveena sÅr sedan

    Scott WillsScott WillsÅr sedan
  • No Joshua kimmich

    FrostyFPSFrostyFPSÅr sedan
  • David beckham, is that you ???

    The PutraThe PutraÅr sedan
  • I don't have good Memories with Gini 👹

    Lionel MessiLionel MessiÅr sedan
  • Best right-back in the world HELL NO what about kimmich and Carvajal and if you compare Trent to like Wan-bissaka they are both good but in different areas so no Trent is not the best

    D.J DiorD.J DiorÅr sedan
  • The rebounder challenge was very high it was 627

    Just a random guy LolJust a random guy LolÅr sedan
  • Hear me guys i NOT gay but gigi is the sexiest man alive even if cacgh my girl freind looking at him i wouldn.t say anything because i understand that

    lebron jameslebron jamesÅr sedan
  • 8:19 I actually thought he got struck by lightning ⛈ scared the 💩 outa me

    Cammy DCammy DÅr sedan
  • Trent IS the best right back in the world. Go Pool!!!

    Shabba ChappaShabba ChappaÅr sedan

    Nettle AshbeeNettle AshbeeÅr sedan

    Renzo Van AerschotRenzo Van AerschotÅr sedan
  • Nobody: The F2: Gigi Wijnaldum

    Alastair Kreidié-AkazakiAlastair Kreidié-AkazakiÅr sedan
  • Arnold has only had one good season

    david rassiosdavid rassiosÅr sedan
  • Alaxander-Arnold is the best right back

    caroline swordscaroline swordsÅr sedan
  • Yes

    Arna ArnardóttirArna ArnardóttirÅr sedan
  • 3:12 jezza, that was actually matip..

    Free TrikkerzFree TrikkerzÅr sedan
  • Kimmich is better than Trent A A !

    Van WegenVan WegenÅr sedan
  • Real Madrid has one bad year and y’all forget about Carvajal who was also out on injury.

    Carlos DeoleotorresCarlos DeoleotorresÅr sedan
  • Liverpool is the best six Champions League but how many Spurs has spurs got 😂😂👌

    joel davisonjoel davisonÅr sedan
  • Kimmich is good as well as Trent

    Mkey1124Mkey1124År sedan
  • I’m a Glasgow Rangers fan

    Super Triple JSuper Triple JÅr sedan
  • He is the best right back Trent is AWESOME 😎

    Daniel BurgeDaniel BurgeÅr sedan
  • I am a big Liverpool fan so I love this video sorry billy please get back to me

    Daniel BurgeDaniel BurgeÅr sedan
  • Wan Bisaka is the best right back in the world

    Rio MedfordRio MedfordÅr sedan
  • Gini smile is infectious. Rhian is sooo adorable. I love these Liverpool lads so much x

    cocobana29cocobana29År sedan
  • Liverpool

    Moovendhan MoodleyMoovendhan MoodleyÅr sedan
  • No Joshua kimmich is the best right back in the world. !!!!!!!!!

    Blade 208640Blade 208640År sedan
  • When I saw the lightning I strait up thought it was real and I dropped my phone😂

    Itzverts -_-Itzverts -_-År sedan
  • You see the sponsor lol

    1k before 2021?1k before 2021?År sedan
  • Trent is the best but man like kimmich is not far

    footballHD dribblingfootballHD dribblingÅr sedan
  • Jezza: I’ll be happy with 100 9 mins later They’re at 627

    Blake WOODWORTHBlake WOODWORTHÅr sedan
  • you scared me so bad

    Christophe MicallefChristophe MicallefÅr sedan
  • Kimmich is the best right back in the world

    Ajmal AwanAjmal AwanÅr sedan
  • Trent used to play for hull city Ho I support

    Theo KennedyTheo KennedyÅr sedan
  • סרטון אדיר

    הראל ברוןהראל ברוןÅr sedan
  • im a barca fan, so it was harsh

    B-Z OutdoorB-Z OutdoorÅr sedan
  • Any one in 3019 opps wrong time line

    romelu lukakuromelu lukakuÅr sedan
  • Joao cancelo

    Liam LejaLiam LejaÅr sedan
  • Van-viiska is the best fullback

    Luis AlfonsoLuis AlfonsoÅr sedan
  • Puyol is the best defender of all time

    Luis AlfonsoLuis AlfonsoÅr sedan
  • Gini Wijnaldum de de de de de de Gini Wijnaldum de de de de de de Gini Wijnaldum only Liverpool fans get it

    Marino BikaMarino BikaÅr sedan
  • Kimmich is better than Arnold

    Nope Der aller echte bin ichNope Der aller echte bin ichÅr sedan
  • its giNi

    Andrew Steele2007Andrew Steele2007År sedan
  • Liverpool 🤩😍🔴🔥

    Lily SpencerLily SpencerÅr sedan
  • Bobby Moore is better then van Dijk

    Dexter barber PlayzDexter barber PlayzÅr sedan
  • 8:20 scared the crap out of me 😅😰😮😱😬😆😆

    Sahil DesaiSahil DesaiÅr sedan
  • Trent is the best rb in the world

    Tom xycTom xycÅr sedan
  • Spurs played better then Liverpool in the 2nd half of the match

    Jonatan TeienJonatan TeienÅr sedan
    • They still lost though

      dina wilsondina wilsonÅr sedan
  • Klye walker

    Juanita PetrellaJuanita PetrellaÅr sedan
  • That was so realistic 8:21

    Shadow ClanShadow ClanÅr sedan
  • 627, Thank me later

    Nathaniel JonesNathaniel JonesÅr sedan
  • TAA is the best rb in the world

    J AthJ AthÅr sedan
  • It’s Gini not Gigi

    Oliver SmithOliver SmithÅr sedan
  • Clearly liverpools game was 100% better than spurs againsta ajax... Love u jezz

    Μουτάφης ΓεώργιοςΜουτάφης ΓεώργιοςÅr sedan
  • 8:22 I actually got scared

    Owais ShaikOwais ShaikÅr sedan

    Jake ThorntonJake ThorntonÅr sedan
  • Liverpool

    Billy BaminBilly BaminÅr sedan
  • 4:00 100% Liverpool beating Barca was better. They are possibly the best team in the world with possibly the best player in the world and we destroyed them. 4-0 against any team would be good but against Barca? That’s just on another level. Love your videos btw

    Levi SellickLevi SellickÅr sedan
  • super rulet i thought it was the maradona twist

    Yuval PelegYuval PelegÅr sedan
  • Alexander -Arnold

    Grace MayanjaGrace MayanjaÅr sedan
  • Liverpool v barca cause barca are amaizing

    Alpha KiwiAlpha KiwiÅr sedan
  • trent is the best fullback in the world

    Pablo Bastos jrPablo Bastos jrÅr sedan
  • It's Gini Wijnaldum.....

    ByattByattÅr sedan
  • Tottenham's was better

    Enzo ScrivEnzo ScrivÅr sedan
  • 👇

    crim454 YTcrim454 YTÅr sedan
  • Hagi

    crim454 YTcrim454 YTÅr sedan
  • The best right back right now to me is Kyle Walker no debate

    Dominique PalomaresDominique PalomaresÅr sedan
    • dina wilson Alexander Arnold plays golf? I love golf lol

      Levi SellickLevi SellickÅr sedan
    • Because taa plays golf

      dina wilsondina wilsonÅr sedan
    • Messi10 Neymar11 what planet do you live on?

      Levi SellickLevi SellickÅr sedan
  • What is the world record

    Georgina MartinGeorgina MartinÅr sedan
  • Use should be proffesinas

    Georgina MartinGeorgina MartinÅr sedan
  • Alexander arnold is not the best full back in the world

    Georgina MartinGeorgina MartinÅr sedan
  • carvajal is better than trent

    Mariola MialkowskaMariola MialkowskaÅr sedan
  • Gigi wijnaldium wow his name is gini

    Tiarnán BlackTiarnán BlackÅr sedan
  • Locve ajax

    Mikai LeistraMikai LeistraÅr sedan
  • Alizanda arold

    Dan&Bree LawalDan&Bree LawalÅr sedan
  • Liverpool tonham

    Dan&Bree LawalDan&Bree LawalÅr sedan
  • He is the best right-back

    Aidan SoulbyAidan SoulbyÅr sedan
  • Kimmich is better than trent

    Nasir UddinNasir UddinÅr sedan
  • Aaron wan bassaka is the best

    noku makakanoku makakaÅr sedan
  • *gini

    Michael SiravoMichael SiravoÅr sedan
  • Coming from a Liverpool I think Trent is not the best full back in the world not even right back because he’s not good enough defensively and is clearly ment to be a midfielder in the future also the players that are better are Kimmich Robertson Benjamin mendy(when fit) Marcelo Possibly kenny lala

    Gordo mintGordo mintÅr sedan
  • Trent is the best in the world by far

    Layla RoseLayla RoseÅr sedan
  • Who’s better Billy or Jezza Jezza=Like Billy=Comment

    NEX_HawkEyeNEX_HawkEyeÅr sedan
  • ᗯᗩᑎ-ᗷIᔕᔕᗩKᗩ Iᔕ ᗷETTEᖇ

    Tony WebbTony WebbÅr sedan
  • Joshua Kimmich/Dani Alves is the best RB in the world. Although Alves is old he’s still defensively solid and attacks very well

    Amin ElaminAmin ElaminÅr sedan
  • I love Wijnaldum ❤️ i am a Big Liverpool fan

    Toby The DudeToby The DudeÅr sedan
  • Spurs had to comeback from three and still concedeed two in the game so The mountain was higher to climbe and plus last minute action to win away from homw on aggregate

    PolaarzzzPolaarzzzÅr sedan
  • Virgil ain’t the best defender of all time

    Peta DelahuntyPeta DelahuntyÅr sedan
  • The best right back is me

    15ToYoFace15ToYoFaceÅr sedan