27 okt 2019
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Compilation of SEworldrs taking on the real life TARGET TEKKERS Challenge!


  • What happened to f2 target tekkers? I cannot find it in play store

    saleem p.msaleem p.m2 månader sedan
  • F2 freestyles must do the chest catch tutorial

    Tyrique NonohTyrique Nonoh3 månader sedan
  • F2 very good futball

    BLUE X4 YTBLUE X4 YT5 månader sedan
  • Ok

    Rachid feRachid fe7 månader sedan
  • Wow wicked cool

    Deqa AbdiDeqa Abdi8 månader sedan
  • I play your game

    3moora_6263moora_6268 månader sedan
  • Fri music song pliz

    marko 2marko 210 månader sedan
  • London bring

    Drippy DopDrippy DopÅr sedan
  • Mile End leisure centre

    Drippy DopDrippy DopÅr sedan
  • Mile End skate park

    Drippy DopDrippy DopÅr sedan
  • Tf u get lomachenko and uysk from 😂 unbelievable pro and amateur boxers

    JohnsxnJohnsxnÅr sedan
  • Viral skills lads

    Veresa RakaidawaVeresa RakaidawaÅr sedan
  • Bhoooooommmmm😀😲😲😲😲😲😲

    69 Gaming Builder69 Gaming BuilderÅr sedan
  • WHat song is that?

    Gamer 2KGamer 2KÅr sedan
  • why does sv2 only gets one trick shot

    malik on_60-FPSmalik on_60-FPSÅr sedan
  • SV2 goal was the best Like if u agree

    Toheed RazaToheed RazaÅr sedan
  • How did he that ?

    Henry WellerHenry WellerÅr sedan
  • 1:17 sreet panna but how was the song??

    Henry WellerHenry WellerÅr sedan
    • The song name is don't wanna wake up by NOIXES

      PhananikPhananik10 månader sedan
  • Who nows sv2

    Dobrinka DobrevaDobrinka DobrevaÅr sedan
  • Name of song?

    Joshua FenimoreJoshua FenimoreÅr sedan

  • Let us leave a little football I invite you to rest a little to watch the most beautiful clips of the new laughter I hope you can see and support me

    الاستاذ نور الدينالاستاذ نور الدينÅr sedan
  • I bet they had about 50 attempts

    Mullagamer09Mullagamer09År sedan
  • Where is djota freestyle

    Drican 89Drican 89År sedan
  • 3:34 That was my sex shop😂😂

    Straatkabouter Is coolStraatkabouter Is coolÅr sedan
  • can i have your j wagon

    Richard TomlinsonRichard TomlinsonÅr sedan
  • big fan of u

  • The target is like you enter the main point 👌👈 like if you understand the main point 👇👇👇👇

    The Broz TVThe Broz TVÅr sedan
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  • Aller sean

    tidiane ndiayetidiane ndiayeÅr sedan
  • 💯💯👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍⚽⚽⚽⚽🏆

    Huỳnh Trúc LyHuỳnh Trúc LyÅr sedan
  • Come back to turners road

    Sky LegendSky LegendÅr sedan
  • How are they gonna put sv2🤣🤡 but not simone or harry in the video

    haha bitchhaha bitchÅr sedan
  • turn yannamizes into an actual level

    CladderssCladderssÅr sedan
  • Love the game

    Lorna XLorna XÅr sedan

    Mehmet AhmetovicMehmet AhmetovicÅr sedan
  • Were is Kirin brown

    MohaRoblox 1MohaRoblox 1År sedan
  • F2 freestylers vs f2 tekkz

    marko 2marko 2År sedan
  • No w2s

    Pakcricket101Pakcricket101År sedan
  • Theo did all the easy one,s

    Ethan PenneyEthan PenneyÅr sedan
  • You guys should post a video taking freekicks on Jan oblak

    Diego Albizo_ZendejasDiego Albizo_ZendejasÅr sedan
  • This is a copy of DP 2 game

    Joe FullerJoe FullerÅr sedan
  • cool I have it I ' m your best fan

    Daniel DohertyDaniel DohertyÅr sedan
  • Nice clickbait everybody came here thinking that u were givin away the lamborgini to the winner Nyc job mate

  • I already downloaded this game it’s the BEST 🥰❤️

    TReWoRR HDTReWoRR HDÅr sedan
  • You guys are the beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeest legends ever # the best for you guys honestly

    Chloe RankinChloe RankinÅr sedan
    • Rangers are rubbish arnf they I support Celtic sorry jez because I like tottenham more than arsenal youl have something form me very soon

      Chloe RankinChloe RankinÅr sedan
  • SV2 gannnnnggg

    FaZe UnknownFaZe UnknownÅr sedan
  • Sean you can talk french ( i'm from France))

    Ali GoldenBoyAli GoldenBoyÅr sedan
  • Prank war should be there now ...........

    Niranjan SatheesanNiranjan SatheesanÅr sedan
  • This is just recycled content. Why you do this? I expect much better. Where's the 10M video?

    Saul LiangSaul LiangÅr sedan
  • Smash thoz targets hmm 😉😉🙃😏😏😏

    blaise russoblaise russoÅr sedan
  • Do messi vs ronaldo like this coment and the with do this video

    miran gaming tvmiran gaming tvÅr sedan
  • What will happen when it will Sean vs. Street Panna...

    Kamal Kishor Kumar GautamKamal Kishor Kumar GautamÅr sedan
  • Now your aren't good.... Make good videos please...

    Kashif KamalKashif KamalÅr sedan
  • Need Joe Weller and Chris MD

    The weird man 7The weird man 7År sedan
  • Head over to and donate

    Mohammed IbrahimMohammed IbrahimÅr sedan
  • Who is better though Billy or jezza like for Billy comment for jezza

    Im_nEarLy_EpIcIm_nEarLy_EpIcÅr sedan
  • F2 predator is yanimize

    FylthiiFylthiiÅr sedan
  • Can you guys do a video on testing who has a stronger kick (Billy vs Jezza)

    I have no name seriously thoI have no name seriously thoÅr sedan
  • U should call the lads at dream team fc

    Larry 08Larry 08År sedan
  • The man was the gaffer in red

    George SimpsonGeorge SimpsonÅr sedan
  • pls teach how to spin the ball on the fingers ...have seen bill do it a thousand times and it looks sick guys pls teach us how to do it

    SarthakSarthakÅr sedan
  • love everything you guys do.

    SarthakSarthakÅr sedan
  • I downloaded this app

    Jabzy NJabzy NÅr sedan
  • Billy it’s me Archie thank you for sayin happy birthday to me

    TashRuckTashRuckÅr sedan
  • In America football boots are called cleats or spikes

    Kayden MillerKayden MillerÅr sedan
  • F3 with Chris MD

    Sav_ ConPlayzSav_ ConPlayzÅr sedan
  • ❤⚽️🥅

    Lilac LilacLilac LilacÅr sedan
  • I love you sow much F2

    Wail HamzaWail HamzaÅr sedan
  • I have your game

    Yaman GhadbanYaman GhadbanÅr sedan
  • We should do you You tuber prank war

    Nerf Falcon- BrawlstarsNerf Falcon- BrawlstarsÅr sedan
  • F2 do you read every comment?

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  • Always wanted the F2 to like my comment Please Like if u agree

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  • I don t like because is not working on iPhone 6 Why not

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  • Hi Jez remember I’m Fionn yo met my dd

    Fionn TMFionn TMÅr sedan
  • #2158

    Dion FeraDion FeraÅr sedan
  • Why didn't you include KIERAN BROWN in this commercial???

    Utsav RoxyUtsav RoxyÅr sedan
  • Now guys you are close to 11 million subscriber (congratulations)💪💪

    Sajed SajedSajed SajedÅr sedan
  • Great video boys but I would of loved to of seen you get Deji involved in this video because he would of missed the target and made it hilarious 😂

    Dominic Cadman-GotchDominic Cadman-GotchÅr sedan
  • Lit

    Yasmeen AkbarYasmeen AkbarÅr sedan
  • The guy with gloves idkkkk

    Loko LokoLoko LokoÅr sedan
  • 5 4 3 2 1 Your floor is in lava Like if you didn't move

    Freak HeroFreak HeroÅr sedan
  • Where's Kieran Brown?!

    Varsha KhairnarVarsha KhairnarÅr sedan
  • The new game looks sick

    Blake WyseBlake WyseÅr sedan
  • усик ломаченко лайк

    Ярко КурилишинЯрко КурилишинÅr sedan
  • What About ChrisMD

    Ninvex / CorruptedNDGNinvex / CorruptedNDGÅr sedan
  • Dude perfect

    oliver powelloliver powellÅr sedan
  • GoalkeeperzvsF2

    Leon BatinicLeon BatinicÅr sedan
  • Who here was will you naxte💷💶💴💵

    SAP DDSAP DDÅr sedan
  • İlk

    victor mosesvictor mosesÅr sedan
  • punching guy was bare annoying

    Jordan FretwellJordan FretwellÅr sedan
  • i think the best shot was sv2 sick video f2.

    Padraig KellyPadraig KellyÅr sedan
  • U guys missed Daniel Cutting

    SridarshSridarshÅr sedan
  • The f2 release a game before selling their own merch

    CFJ FootballCFJ FootballÅr sedan
  • excellent

    Mohammadreza FarajiMohammadreza FarajiÅr sedan
  • How’d you forget Kieren brown lads

    Lochie CliftonLochie CliftonÅr sedan
  • make a non wifi section of it.

    David WDavid WÅr sedan
  • Do you love f2 freestylers Yes = like No comment

    NGOẠN ViNGOẠN ViÅr sedan
    • @Kareem Sbeih yes

      NGOẠN ViNGOẠN Vi11 månader sedan
    • Ngoạn Vi of course I love f2 freestylers

      Kareem SbeihKareem Sbeih11 månader sedan
  • You miss Kieran Brown.

    Vivien YuVivien YuÅr sedan
  • Guys subscribe to me for no reason

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