11 jun 2019
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We're back again playing in the UEFA Champions League legends match in Madrid with some absolute legends such as: Luis Figo, Del Piero and Roberto Carlos. In this video we also talk all things #UCL final as well as play in the Santander influencer cup!
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  • HI i can you f2 please do some dribbling scion video

  • Why when it comes to legend matches noone remebers Raul Gonzalez:(

    North SunsetNorth SunsetÅr sedan
  • I'm suprised they did't have my boy STEVEN GERRARD

    ta quang hungta quang hungÅr sedan
  • billy is like finn ballor

    meirionwen jonesmeirionwen jonesÅr sedan
  • to many people to many peaple

    meirionwen jonesmeirionwen jonesÅr sedan
  • awesome and I subed

    meirionwen jonesmeirionwen jonesÅr sedan
  • I want this to be a game i can watch the highlights of!

    Trace DavisTrace DavisÅr sedan
  • Suker 🇭🇷

    XBosnian BeastX11XBosnian BeastX11År sedan
  • If cruyff was here he would beat 100-0 sadly he is gone

    YW - 06CJ 783949 Erin Centre MSYW - 06CJ 783949 Erin Centre MSÅr sedan
  • You are the best

    tamer alsayehtamer alsayehÅr sedan
  • I wish u play in real match with or against Ronaldinho :(

    DomisioDomisioÅr sedan
  • Del Piero ?

    Cristangelo 7Cristangelo 7År sedan
  • Dacor suker and cafu in that age still in shape

    GenosGenosÅr sedan
  • Liverpool!

    MattMattÅr sedan
  • Tottenham=noob Liverpool=pro😝

    Izak SjoIzak SjoÅr sedan
  • What's this FIFA Volta? 😃

  • Nnuuh u u u uu hunnunujuun uu nuns Hun uu uu. U. Un uh

    Eng SreyrothEng SreyrothÅr sedan
  • Skill idea fake rabona and with the foot that u moved or the one that went behind move back to original footing place and run or play to someone thiis skill move creates space because when u fake rabona the person covering u will be trying to block a rabona cross when u fake and run the other way.

    Yuvraj SinghYuvraj SinghÅr sedan
  • I don’t know why vvd got player of the week he literally did nothing it should been Allison I love vvd but player of the week award to him was undeserved

    Yuvraj SinghYuvraj SinghÅr sedan
  • Billy is scoring vs de gea

    Suhasini SivarajanSuhasini SivarajanÅr sedan
  • I love you guys🤘🏼😊

    Mel SmithMel SmithÅr sedan
  • ╔══╗ ╚╗╔╝ ╔╝ (⁀`v´⁀) ╚══` .¸. { The F2 }

    KM10 StrikerKM10 StrikerÅr sedan
  • If only Johan Cruiff was there. RIP

    Zeus GarciaZeus GarciaÅr sedan
  • Del Piero 😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Ross Production StudioRoss Production StudioÅr sedan
  • F2 are just too good and god bless Jezza foot skills are ridiculous!!

    Jessy PintoJessy PintoÅr sedan
  • who is better bill: like jezz: reply

    • Jezz

  • Hiii

    Nick MaleskyNick MaleskyÅr sedan
  • Lucas bzk

    Lucas SantosLucas SantosÅr sedan
  • Jeremie you play in my country Viet Nam?

    Lol Gaming VLol Gaming VÅr sedan
  • seworld.info/will/faW6sKespaRnxIU/video

    wave lopezwave lopezÅr sedan
    • I did the cr7 celebration on my graduation day 😭

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  • Teach me skills

    isaahq kumandoisaahq kumandoÅr sedan
  • #Red #Blue

    Champion- WinceChampion- WinceÅr sedan
  • The earth is flat

    FR-NightmareFR-NightmareÅr sedan
  • Matzzeratti isn’t a legend. He got a red card for a legend (Zidane)

    Dat Guy R1Dat Guy R1År sedan
  • Origi should of got player of da week like if you agree

    Cassidy Ó MáirtínCassidy Ó MáirtínÅr sedan
  • 4:37 grandad skills 😂

    Monkey timesMonkey timesÅr sedan
  • Say hello to Robby Carlos for me Please

    Freddie HighamFreddie HighamÅr sedan
  • I wish these guys could make a video with the Sidemen

    Ryan WizCasterRyan WizCasterÅr sedan
  • Are you going to watch totnham vs internal

    Catherine McAllisterCatherine McAllisterÅr sedan
  • OmG

    VLATAG ProductionsVLATAG ProductionsÅr sedan
  • Вы ребятки конечно крутые но Какаду все равно лучше

    Mader SpeedMader SpeedÅr sedan
  • was lucky enough to be able to take a picture with both of you guys. thank you so much

    cyberwolf 888cyberwolf 888År sedan
  • Am I the only one counting football player from their country I counted 3 Dutch ppl tell me if youve got more

    nameless nicknameless nickÅr sedan
  • I was at the spurs stadium watching the final on the massive screens. 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥 I cried for four hours straight.

    SpannerGamz 123SpannerGamz 123År sedan
  • Comment your favorite soccer player Mine is messi

    Brian azeezBrian azeezÅr sedan
  • Cafu pichichi

    No SeNo SeÅr sedan
  • That is verey good

    K DurbsK DurbsÅr sedan
  • Jezza 32 year) old messi - 32! Jezza sorry bro you old😂

    FootballShowFootballShowÅr sedan
  • Go subscribe to tekkerz always

    Alexander millerAlexander millerÅr sedan
  • Fans of Ronaldo Like

  • Enjoy watching 2 of the greatest soccer players

    lord dinkeylord dinkeyÅr sedan
  • Are u guys excited about soccer aid

    trickshot startrickshot starÅr sedan
  • My school teacher knows you his name is nigel morris

    J J GJ J GÅr sedan
  • i'm a Celtic fan and i so my hero Henrik Larson

    aka hdmiaka hdmiÅr sedan
  • WHERE is the vs predator part 2?

    Lukas IshakLukas IshakÅr sedan
  • So excited for Sunday boys Drogba and Wingrove and the Jezza and Redknap

    Fighter Jet NerdFighter Jet NerdÅr sedan
  • Hi

    Aiden StorrarAiden StorrarÅr sedan
  • what shoes are they wearing?

    RynnRynnÅr sedan
  • did jez break up?

    awesome manawesome manÅr sedan
  • Billy vs jezza foot race when is it coming?!?!?

    chicken chickenchicken chickenÅr sedan
  • Jezza what a dribbles !!!

    Manoshi DasManoshi DasÅr sedan
  • Cafu, suker, kluivert, pires. All on the same side... OP.

    Niccolò IvarsonNiccolò IvarsonÅr sedan
  • أذا في عربي لايك

    عبدالرحمن الغامديعبدالرحمن الغامديÅr sedan
  • I wish they recorded when they first met again after liverpool won😂

    Adam HAdam HÅr sedan
    • @Adam H I support Spurs

      SpannerGamz 123SpannerGamz 123År sedan
    • @SpannerGamz 123 i like both of them i didnt really care who was going to win i was just hoping for a good match

      Adam HAdam HÅr sedan
    • U support Liverpool or Spurs?

      SpannerGamz 123SpannerGamz 123År sedan
  • Big beaten

    Neron boi55Neron boi55År sedan
  • Please do a Shooting session with Marco Reus !!! This guy has one of the most unique shooting techniques. We MUST see it ! :D

    Kuba PolatKuba PolatÅr sedan
  • Do you guys wear a cut sock or double sock?

    Christine RohdeChristine RohdeÅr sedan
  • s

    Anna FreyaAnna FreyaÅr sedan
  • This is why i like f2 btw i liked my own comment

    Liverpool ynwaLiverpool ynwaÅr sedan
  • Hi

    1000 subs No videos1000 subs No videosÅr sedan
  • It's funny how you guys called them "FIFA" legends when really they're football legends. And you had to put up their fifa cards on the thumbnail cause most kids just know them from fifa but not from actually watching them play. I remember watching all these legends playing.

    EK7EK7År sedan
  • Jezz being a PROPER ball hog in that influencer match! Unbelievable! Give the other poor guys a chance to shine😁😭

    yaboi tyroneyaboi tyroneÅr sedan
    • almost wanted to say that those poor guys were just staring

      Justus OmowumiJustus Omowumi24 dagar sedan
  • Can u make a Video with Lucy tough bronze

    lillysmart18lillysmart18År sedan
  • COOL VIDEO!!🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Tash BallerTash BallerÅr sedan
  • Who would wish to be there hit the like button

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  • 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😴😮😮😮😮😮😮😮

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  • Jezza killed it!

    Tod&MartTod&MartÅr sedan
  • Karius is 0 rated How many likes can I get to upgrade his rating? I know I’ll get like no likes. accurate. his rating shall stay 0

    pompeyfcpompeyfcÅr sedan
  • Good video

    TaTe TaTeTaTe TaTeÅr sedan
  • i wanted tottenham to win

    kevin badkoubehikevin badkoubehiÅr sedan
  • These guys are my favourite 😊😊

    Thunder KingThunder KingÅr sedan
  • I'd say Marcelo

    Thunder KingThunder KingÅr sedan
  • so why hasn't there been another prank? did the war just end?

    Davis FitzgibbonDavis FitzgibbonÅr sedan
  • Why you don't Play in a professional team

    Simone DonatelliSimone DonatelliÅr sedan
  • Spurs were to win

    Mads NissenMads NissenÅr sedan
  • Nice game with legends

    Sajed SajedSajed SajedÅr sedan
  • amizing

    jochem scholtenjochem scholtenÅr sedan
  • I saw you in the news 2019 jezza

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  • mad

    Finian Croft-TrollopeFinian Croft-TrollopeÅr sedan
    • hello

      Finian Croft-TrollopeFinian Croft-TrollopeÅr sedan
    • hello

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  • 7:46 That was actually amazing, i’m surprised no one is mentioning it.

    James BrownJames BrownÅr sedan
    • James Brown I know right

      Yuvraj SinghYuvraj SinghÅr sedan
  • F2 is the best

    Beytullah SolBeytullah SolÅr sedan

    KTKTÅr sedan
  • These old mans are good at football. Why don't they go pro earlier????

    Bao NotBao NotÅr sedan
  • I don't think Billy Wingrove and Jeremy Lynch are Icons or legend :))))))

    Bao NotBao NotÅr sedan
  • 9:38 The fat guy into the goal...as always

    AlexXx SupertrampAlexXx SupertrampÅr sedan
  • 3:19 Who also read "Goal Machine" instead of "Goal Maniche" the first time?😂

    AlexXx SupertrampAlexXx SupertrampÅr sedan
  • Keeper was so trash

    ArmandArmandÅr sedan
  • Bill I feel u. 😭😭

    Sam HaugeSam HaugeÅr sedan
  • why you both aren’t profesional players ?

    Bauti MazieresBauti MazieresÅr sedan
  • I used to watch you guys every day

    Max TillerMax TillerÅr sedan