13 jul 2019
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F2 take on insane mannequin trick shots!
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  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥 *what if there were no football* 1:30 💜🎥💟 👇👇👇👇💛

    JAKOBJAKOB8 månader sedan
  • Billy vs logan paul pls liked and subed

    Chris CFLChris CFLÅr sedan
  • *f2 is the best duo like if u agree 👍👍*

    DIANNDIANNÅr sedan
  • 0:11 you said the 5 yard parr then you said the no look parr

    Rocky RobloxRocky RobloxÅr sedan
  • 00:27 the mannequins touch is better than mine😂😂😂

    Ananta ShresthaAnanta ShresthaÅr sedan
  • عربي لايك

    رنرنرنبتن نرنرنرننررنرنرنبتن نرنرنرننرÅr sedan
  • That post received more passes than I receive from my friends

    Ashok SubediAshok SubediÅr sedan
  • With the weak foot thing just look at man united’s up and coming talent mason greenwood he takes free kicks with his right and left foot

    Elliot May-HawkinsElliot May-HawkinsÅr sedan
  • Innnnnnnnnnnnnnnccccccccccccccccrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeddddddddddddddddiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiibbbbbbbbbbbbbllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ashish AgarwalAshish AgarwalÅr sedan
  • Y dont u 2 play professional soccer or sometihng like dat

    Harry _Ha3bichHarry _Ha3bichÅr sedan
  • Why aren’t you guys real footballers

    SilenttpistolXDSilenttpistolXDÅr sedan
  • Who thinks billy or Jezza should race Logan paul

    Zack soobzZack soobzÅr sedan
  • Nice one boys 👍

    Messi Jack09Messi Jack09År sedan
  • Que pros

    goku7777jj jgoku7777jj jÅr sedan
  • Your videos are getting worse

    Snobbig SitoSnobbig SitoÅr sedan
  • Wow insane 😲😱😱

    L ModričL ModričÅr sedan
  • Goats nothing Less🕊🔥🔥🕊

    Crimson_ VipeZzCrimson_ VipeZzÅr sedan
  • Some editing guys

    Paul PowerPaul PowerÅr sedan

    logan sewettlogan sewettÅr sedan
  • thats a knock out (literaly)

    RocketmanJrRocketmanJrÅr sedan
  • شنو هذا

    mamad mamadmamad mamadÅr sedan
  • Something’s just so special about these guys, they always inspire me to play soccer

    Jita NatsuJita NatsuÅr sedan
  • Who thinks Billy should run the 100m against Logan Paul?

    Mike WoodMike WoodÅr sedan
  • How to shoot step by step video plz upload

    Razeen MuhammedRazeen MuhammedÅr sedan
  • 😱 good!

    gyuhwan Leegyuhwan LeeÅr sedan
  • They must be a x soccer player or just practice 。🤔🤔🤔

    Golf GuyGolf GuyÅr sedan
  • 4:23 "I must be heading in the right direction." Get out of here Bill. xD

    Brandon MatthewsBrandon MatthewsÅr sedan
  • 193 mannequins press dislike

    Leo LaiLeo LaiÅr sedan
  • I really hope in your next recorded matches we some of your fancy skills n passes!

    Ryan EnglishRyan EnglishÅr sedan
  • Please change the title to FOOTBALL ASSASSINS

    Keval PrajapatiKeval PrajapatiÅr sedan
  • Race Logan paul

    Bahos GunesBahos GunesÅr sedan
  • You guys are master of ball control ..😀👍⚽

    prajan gurungprajan gurungÅr sedan

    dilodiloÅr sedan
  • Why you dodn't sign for a big team like barcelona, man United ..............

    Mohamad HMohamad HÅr sedan
  • Can you do a video on shooting to both sides of the net. Or how to shoot left and right

    Adam GodfreyAdam GodfreyÅr sedan
  • Vn điểm danh

    Trương hoàng sáng VõTrương hoàng sáng VõÅr sedan
  • that was amazing 😰😰😰😰🤔🤔📷📸

    Orgest NekajOrgest NekajÅr sedan
  • Billy should verse Logan in the race that Logan thinks he’s te fastest youtuber race

    Final SpoonFinal SpoonÅr sedan
    • Final Spoon Can y’all sub to me I’m a small SEworldr trying to grow my channel and I love making others laugh with my vids

      Omar AbbasovOmar AbbasovÅr sedan
  • Hia lads why not use a side 2 and attempt some head shots

    Ben BagshawBen BagshawÅr sedan
  • 🌚🌜🙏

    Sahabudin RongrongSahabudin RongrongÅr sedan
  • What cleats does billy wear?

    JrNotJuniorJrNotJuniorÅr sedan
  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💣💣💣💣💣💥💥💥💥💥

    jazz lylejazz lyleÅr sedan
  • do the ball launcher vs robo-keeper Like so F2 can see

    Rosa ValenciaRosa ValenciaÅr sedan
  • I saw jazer when I was going swining

    Temitope HabeebTemitope HabeebÅr sedan
  • Vengo de dudeperfec

    Mathias BarretoMathias BarretoÅr sedan
  • En sondakine direk anasının amından pas yazaydınız

    Berat Cenker ErcanBerat Cenker ErcanÅr sedan
  • Wow u gents are bloody skilled its super next level. I get so much inspiration from you

    Daniel BouchDaniel BouchÅr sedan
  • Can you keeping battles

    Ollie Butler-HendersonOllie Butler-HendersonÅr sedan
  • I want you to vs gtj☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

    James O'TooleJames O'TooleÅr sedan
  • I dont have a weak foot ☆

    James O'TooleJames O'TooleÅr sedan
  • Billy can u race logan paul pleeeeaaaassee

    Philomena HallinanPhilomena HallinanÅr sedan
  • yall really running out of ideas lol

    JaKe LatiMOreJaKe LatiMOreÅr sedan
  • You should race Logan Paul for the 100k bill it would be easy for you

    Soccer All starSoccer All starÅr sedan
  • Billy compete in logan Paul's challenger games

    unread galaxy0unread galaxy0År sedan
  • i think you will go in soccer tournaments because your skills look better than cr7 but hes still better so improve your massive soccer skills!

    Ryan VexlerRyan VexlerÅr sedan
  • Anyone else remember jazza on Britain's got talent

    Travis MuellerTravis MuellerÅr sedan
  • Nice vid 👍

    X0-Din_ _DinX0-Din_ _DinÅr sedan
  • Last digit number is you 1 Messi 2 cr7 3 Neymar jr 4 Suarez 5 Continue 6 Sergio Ramos 7 Gareth bale 8 Ibrah 9 Maradona 0 Pele Yeet

    Rebecca CannonRebecca CannonÅr sedan
    • @Rebecca Cannon messi

      Robin HeyndrickxRobin HeyndrickxÅr sedan
    • Who did you get

      Rebecca CannonRebecca CannonÅr sedan
  • Billy race logan paul plss

    Football DlsFootball DlsÅr sedan
  • Challenge logan in the race plz Billy and jezza

    Janey Gwynn Create Me Scrappy HappyJaney Gwynn Create Me Scrappy HappyÅr sedan
  • Bill you should take part in the Logan Paul race bc you are rapid

    Finlay BrownFinlay BrownÅr sedan
  • I am probably ur biggest fan!!!!!one day do a free Kick Challenge

    Footy mania with J&ZFooty mania with J&ZÅr sedan
  • Who else does think that f2 are just becoming boring day by day?

    Rohit BhagwatRohit BhagwatÅr sedan
  • Billy should compete in Logan Paul’s SEworldd race who else thinks so

    HypexHypexÅr sedan
  • The F2 need to do a F2 vs Predator Part 3 video!!! The Part 2 video has gotten over 20K likes...

    Sachin KhannaSachin KhannaÅr sedan
  • I really need your help please help me

    Isaac YarsiahIsaac YarsiahÅr sedan
  • There's jezza doing 0:24 and billy doing 0:59 while theres me who sometimes misses open goals ;-;

    Marshmellow Studios YTMarshmellow Studios YTÅr sedan
  • When u can't think of content 🤔🤔🤔

    mehraz ahmedmehraz ahmedÅr sedan
  • Race Logan at 100m

    Cai ThomasCai ThomasÅr sedan
  • Billy should race logan Paul for the 100k

    Dylan RamontDylan RamontÅr sedan
  • You guys are so good at soccer one day I hope I can play like you or pele# love soccer⚽️🥅

    KG - 07TM 755424 Lougheed MSKG - 07TM 755424 Lougheed MSÅr sedan
  • 1:36 Billy , did u break the mannequin?

    Shishir GautamShishir GautamÅr sedan
  • 2:39 I love that sound

    SatherSatherÅr sedan
  • 1:12 is so easy

    Victoria MVictoria MÅr sedan
  • Freekickerz: We have a best shots F2: Hold our beers

    LukiPapeLukiPapeÅr sedan
  • Your club has signed Ashley Young for 100,000,000 Euros Like to undo this disaster

    David MillerDavid MillerÅr sedan
    • David Miller like beggar

      Nik TessierNik TessierÅr sedan
  • Billy should accept Logan Paul’s fastest you tuber challenge Like so they can see

    paty Hpaty HÅr sedan
  • Только начал свой путь к блогерству поддержите лайком и подпиской😅💥

    Ball knocksBall knocksÅr sedan
    • Пожалуйста

      Ball knocksBall knocksÅr sedan
  • Billy I saw your cousin jack he is my class teacher and said to the class who mows f2 footballers I put my hand up.he said he was your cousin

    Sadia shabirSadia shabirÅr sedan
  • New name dudeF2

    Zweet MexicoZweet MexicoÅr sedan
  • Never underestimate the contribution of the mannequin in a training session or a SEworld video.

    Dominic Cadman-GotchDominic Cadman-GotchÅr sedan
  • Please 🙏 🙏 🙏 make any video over cricket shot skillls............. Because ENGLAND 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 have won the cwc2019

    Soham BanerjeeSoham BanerjeeÅr sedan
  • *Заболотного вспомнил)*

    Just Do RoofingJust Do RoofingÅr sedan
  • how are they wearing jackets and skins?!

    d.dan1927d.dan1927År sedan
  • Logan paul is setting up a youtuber race,billy plz smoke his ass and youll win $100,000 easy

    Fazrul MateenFazrul MateenÅr sedan
  • nice

    fati kvernadzefati kvernadzeÅr sedan
  • Who noticed that on the 5 yard pass all the balls didn’t hit the mannequin?

    Fiona GoldFiona GoldÅr sedan
  • Hello guys please check this my football Tutorial channel !!

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  • 🔥

    Red FlowerRed FlowerÅr sedan
  • my bro met them lmaoooo

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  • Petition for Billy to Do the Challenger Games

    Chicken LittleChicken LittleÅr sedan
  • Billy should race in the challenger games

    Oli RobinsonOli RobinsonÅr sedan
  • I seriously wonder why they have 10m subscribers when there doing a first time pass to a mannequin ( 2:01 ) that my dad did at left back in 1985 to his mate Paul who had a beer belly with a pack of marbolro cigarettes in the back of his sock

    ClarkeyClarkeyÅr sedan
    • Hii, please check this my football game kalcha

      Dynamic gamerDynamic gamerÅr sedan
  • 1:21 you'd know that you were the best on the ball at arsenal academy at 15, let alone that was the invincible season

    ClarkeyClarkeyÅr sedan
  • The skills 😈

    Khurram ShabbirKhurram ShabbirÅr sedan
  • Your channel is so dead

    C-L-PC-L-PÅr sedan
  • Can you all please sub to my little bro's channel it's: Jack Allcock The profile pic is a cute little boy

    Megan AllcockMegan AllcockÅr sedan
  • billy race logan paul and make f2 proud

    Simon NewalloSimon NewalloÅr sedan
  • Billy you should be in Logan Paul fastest youtuber competition

    UllUllÅr sedan
  • Pls jezza or billy compete in the challenger games Logan Paul is hosting u both run faster than him i request please comepte!!

    Siddhant JindalSiddhant JindalÅr sedan