18 jul 2020
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We took 100 shots at the world's smallest goal that a size 5 football can fit into!
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  • Pls do it from outside the box

    Asher ReddingtonAsher Reddington14 dagar sedan
  • it wouldn't be safe if a keeper dived

    But WhyBut Why16 dagar sedan
  • #F2Freestylers should do a Billy vs Jezza crossbar challenge from centre circle

    Mo DizzleMo Dizzle18 dagar sedan
  • Yes do that

    Mohau MofokengMohau Mofokeng18 dagar sedan
  • I think they should have made a more stable goal ; )

    PDPD19 dagar sedan
  • I wreken on Billy’s should of been in

    MarmaladeMarmalade22 dagar sedan
  • Yes

    sharon tanuisharon tanui23 dagar sedan
  • Billy or jezza? Billy 👍🏻 Jezza :com

    Cristiano RonaldoCristiano Ronaldo24 dagar sedan
  • U ye

    noel cumminsnoel cummins24 dagar sedan
  • I think you should probably curve the ball into the small goal and it will stay

    Peter NjugunaPeter Njuguna28 dagar sedan
  • I would like it very much. If anyone else wants it to be in football click the like down below.

    George CramptonGeorge CramptonMånad sedan
  • XX

    غيث صباح السرايغيث صباح السرايMånad sedan
  • seworld.info/will/oqjPm9KUr3Sil5fW/videou

    TV JegueTV JegueMånad sedan
  • it would be a good rule.

    Isaac BrennanIsaac BrennanMånad sedan
  • They are human after all

    Leighton LaidlawLeighton LaidlawMånad sedan
  • 1:9

    Minthang GangteMinthang GangteMånad sedan
  • Op

  • They should do a tutorial of how to shoot :( they didnt explain much in the master class

    pollo 67pollo 67Månad sedan
  • Good ☺️☺️☺️

    cR7 ronaldo A_E_AcR7 ronaldo A_E_AMånad sedan
  • Worlds no 1 football freestylers are the one and 💥💥💥🔥🔥f2🔥🔥💥💥

    Pranay AshokPranay AshokMånad sedan
  • If the pipe was still, it could go in...but it moves meh

    MetalpazalltewayMetalpazalltewayMånad sedan
  • 원희형은 더멀리서 성공했지

    최은우최은우2 månader sedan
  • jezza playing with bekham

    John HemmsJohn Hemms2 månader sedan

    DG GAMINGDG GAMING2 månader sedan
  • bro if that was a rule you guys would always win

    Dan coxDan cox2 månader sedan
  • No 👎

    Newton BalieNewton Balie2 månader sedan
  • You guys needed less power to get it to stay in. I could see the goal tipping down and letting the ball out

    Julian CJulian C2 månader sedan
  • How many crossbars the did in that vid🤣🤣🤣

    LobstermanLobsterman2 månader sedan
  • The easy method is tho increase the size of the net of the small goal so that the ball can stay in there 👍👍🙏

    Merwin RebelloMerwin Rebello2 månader sedan
  • I think you should get three of them one in the middle and other two in the corners then you two can decide what to do further 🤘⚽

    Wade MatthewsWade Matthews2 månader sedan
  • what if you try making the net a little bit bigger? I think because the net is so tight it won't keep the ball in.

    Matt KotMatt Kot2 månader sedan
  • If u support football Fallow us in youtub. Link on the bio 😉

    SedXoSedXo2 månader sedan
  • My mates better at football than yours

    Dmoff 03Dmoff 032 månader sedan
  • 6:47 why is he standing like that😂

    NopalNopal3 månader sedan
  • Nice🔥

    MaxMax3 månader sedan
  • How to curve a ball?please make a tutorial.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Rayan Abdullah GalibRayan Abdullah Galib3 månader sedan
  • Can the f2 pls tell me wat songs they use in their videos coz I want to download them... Shazam isn't picking up wat tracks they are

  • Instead of three I would think 2 goals would be better

    Mustafa AliMustafa Ali3 månader sedan
  • 4:17 sick rule

    Kareem GabarKareem Gabar3 månader sedan
  • Yes

    nigel berrynigel berry3 månader sedan
  • what kind of Englishs you are speaking. you are both pretending to talk like that.

    Kurdish FlagKurdish Flag3 månader sedan
  • Omg how smallest goal cool Billy and jez

    Roe SmithRoe Smith3 månader sedan
  • F2 must do the chest catch tutorial

    Tyrique NonohTyrique Nonoh3 månader sedan
  • It’s the fact that every time it’s in it moved the goal so I recon if the goal was more stable it would stay in

    Jake FranklinJake Franklin3 månader sedan
  • That would be epic

    Jonas TreigysJonas Treigys3 månader sedan
  • Make the netting bigger in the small goal because every time it goes it the net is so small is just spits it back out.

    —Soccer God_25–—Soccer God_25–3 månader sedan
  • اتكلم عربي يا ككككللللببب

    Mohammed SherifMohammed Sherif3 månader sedan
  • Please thar rule

    Jakov edudueJakov edudue3 månader sedan
  • Waiting 8-)8-)8-)8-)

    VS KVS K3 månader sedan
  • I think that if they make it in there, they should also get a penalty kick after

    EcksClusiveEcksClusive3 månader sedan
  • hi i like soccer o i make similar video like him on my channel

  • woa 😯😯😯

    danh vô bụi đờidanh vô bụi đời3 månader sedan
  • Would like you to bring benzema

    Mulindelo TshabuseMulindelo Tshabuse3 månader sedan
  • Now do it from the full length of the pitch

    ML4 CaelanML4 Caelan3 månader sedan
  • People who comment are gay

    Dame LekoDame Leko3 månader sedan
    • Wait....

      Dame LekoDame Leko3 månader sedan
  • You’ll expect them to get it first try

    Hamza AbdulkarimHamza Abdulkarim3 månader sedan
  • Yes

    nazma khannazma khan3 månader sedan
  • Mini goals in the top corner wouldn’t be fair to anyone as Messi would have 2-3 Hattricks 🔥 on average

    Austin GostnellAustin Gostnell3 månader sedan
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    Aryan Ahmed 10EAryan Ahmed 10E3 månader sedan
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    Aryan Ahmed 10EAryan Ahmed 10E3 månader sedan
  • I hate it when the background music spoils it

    Noah BaksmatiNoah Baksmati3 månader sedan
  • Mateys left peg is unreal

    NewstyNewsty3 månader sedan
  • yeess

    mark catemark cate3 månader sedan
  • I forget you

    raado Unitedraado United3 månader sedan
  • Yessss pls can u do it out side the box

    Yasin HusseinYasin Hussein3 månader sedan
  • Too good

    Don’t click my profileDon’t click my profile3 månader sedan
  • If u did make that rule it wud b 2 much like gaelic football 😕😂

    Kevin LuskKevin Lusk3 månader sedan
  • you guys are the best

    Jeasmin BegumJeasmin Begum4 månader sedan
  • I think they should do a challenge that whoever can make the goal and the ball stays in, and films it correctly, will win a reward.

    Mouhamed FallMouhamed Fall4 månader sedan
  • When the music is becoming faster.....you can predict that something is coming...and then an ad comes......

    Gargi MukherjeeGargi Mukherjee4 månader sedan
  • 💪💪💪🔥

    XiLef So2XiLef So24 månader sedan
  • The 3 most useless things in the world: - expiry date on nutella - goalkeeper of F2 - you

    Matteo BianchiMatteo Bianchi4 månader sedan
  • Guys make sure to check BILLY'S FAMILY CHANNEL - THE WINGROVE FAMILY . Thanks saty safe during covid - byee.

    Sane SIDSane SID4 månader sedan
  • Fongk

    Shyni KolathumkaraShyni Kolathumkara4 månader sedan
  • The beat build up 1:05 then the drop told you when he was gonna score

    Marlene GordonMarlene Gordon4 månader sedan
  • I luv the fact that the f2 have no jealousy for each other they respect and appreciate each others accomplishments

    X GekumeX Gekume4 månader sedan
    • That would be unfair tho

      rizk bazzirizk bazziMånad sedan
  • Yup 3 goals would be cool

  • WOW,WOW 😎🙋🙋🙋

    Thati KgosinkweThati Kgosinkwe4 månader sedan
  • perfect rule

    Bariat ShukiBariat Shuki4 månader sedan
  • Que lastima que no tiene subtitulos en español.

    Gonzalo PorcalGonzalo Porcal4 månader sedan
  • Another forfeit penalty pls

    Mr. AnimationsMr. Animations4 månader sedan
  • I would do one in the middle of the goal? Who agrees?

    Omar FisherOmar Fisher4 månader sedan
  • Je dets bi sikk

    Tor-Egil NilsenTor-Egil Nilsen4 månader sedan
  • Where would the F2 be without tape

    Hyper BoltHyper Bolt4 månader sedan
  • Nice

    Darkness gamingYTDarkness gamingYT4 månader sedan
  • billy do that because it is fair and cool

    Prince GachachaPrince Gachacha4 månader sedan
  • yeah I think

    Vishal JainVishal Jain4 månader sedan
  • His about if u make it in the little goal u get one point but your team gets a free kick

    Connor WardlawConnor Wardlaw4 månader sedan
  • 🥅

    خالد ٩٩٩خالد ٩٩٩4 månader sedan
  • 4:58 aqui esta para los que lo quieren ver cuando lo consigue xd djdjjd

    prodi 65prodi 654 månader sedan
  • Why would you not have an insanely long net behind smallest goal, so ball could clearly travel down it, instead of a net that pushed the ball back out?

    SurrealScotsmanSurrealScotsman4 månader sedan
  • This vid was soo good

    Luke BealeLuke Beale4 månader sedan
  • #aljagobanget

    RG 20RG 204 månader sedan
  • billy"s shot almost super weged

    Anaya OdongoAnaya Odongo4 månader sedan
  • F2 top corner taff challenge you no

    Anaya OdongoAnaya Odongo4 månader sedan
  • yah fist time very hard

    Anaya OdongoAnaya Odongo4 månader sedan
  • trick shots maybe challenge me 10 years

    Anaya OdongoAnaya Odongo4 månader sedan
  • For heaven's sake, cut the back of the net out like an NBA goal and your sorted.

    emjd2009emjd20094 månader sedan
  • Today legend such a ride, such a good drive. I always listen to rock and the like when I drive does anyone else also almost only listen to heavy music like Metallica or Delta Parole when they drive?

    shoota17shoota174 månader sedan
  • yh that would be a sick rule mate

    Akinlade AyomisoreAkinlade Ayomisore4 månader sedan