20 nov 2019
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To celebrate the launch of Monster Hydrosport, we’ve teamed up with them and the F2 to bring you ‘amazing freekicks’. Monster Hydrosport gives sports players across the country the energy they need to play hard.
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    F2Freestylers - Ultimate Soccer Skills ChannelF2Freestylers - Ultimate Soccer Skills ChannelÅr sedan
    • F2 freestyles must do the chest catch tutorial

      Tyrique NonohTyrique Nonoh3 månader sedan
    • Hi guys I'm from Germany

      Fabian FabianFabian Fabian4 månader sedan
    • Billy

      Naveen JNaveen J4 månader sedan
    • LOVE YOU F2

      Nandini GhoshNandini Ghosh5 månader sedan
    • @Itmam Zaber 385de 853855

      Costan DragotaCostan Dragota5 månader sedan
  • F2 vs f

    Rinad WalledRinad Walled15 dagar sedan
  • You can do with goalkeeperz on SEworld

    Bedirhan KörogluBedirhan KörogluMånad sedan
  • nice

    AR7AR7Månad sedan
  • vau jeza

    Stefan StefanStefan StefanMånad sedan
  • Let's gooo

    power HMZpower HMZMånad sedan
  • with Unisport please

    Tazvikudza NcubeTazvikudza NcubeMånad sedan
  • The volley of bill

    Michele BehmardiMichele Behmardi2 månader sedan
  • My idols in one video

    Sxk teamSxk team2 månader sedan
  • I pray who ever reads this becomes successful.....

    Mr Say168Mr Say1682 månader sedan
  • Do a video with unisport

    janet kerarojanet keraro3 månader sedan
  • 1like = 1 skills for the keeper

    Mrigank SinghMrigank Singh3 månader sedan
  • F2 freestyles must do the chest catch tutorial

    Tyrique NonohTyrique Nonoh3 månader sedan
  • What a save by the keeper!

    Krish PatelKrish Patel3 månader sedan
  • freekickerz have better goalie thn the f2😆😆

    Faizan ShaikhFaizan Shaikh3 månader sedan
  • How does Billy take his free kicks

    Narki kumi somNarki kumi som3 månader sedan
  • I want you, F2, to collaborate with unisports Who else does??

    Adan RazaAdan Raza3 månader sedan
  • Gregg Buffy yhxugkc

    نبيل نزارنبيل نزار3 månader sedan
  • Can you speak out 555 in English?

    Mecha MikeMecha Mike3 månader sedan
  • F2 wow😮

    Oskar WiętczakOskar Więtczak4 månader sedan
  • Is there lucas

    Dídî Aka dîdī_legendDídî Aka dîdī_legend4 månader sedan
  • Da sehen Freekickerz mal wie mans macht^^

    Hannibal LecterHannibal Lecter4 månader sedan
  • Pear can also rhyme with bear

    Z33 M4NZ33 M4N4 månader sedan
  • Part 2?

    tomdautomdau4 månader sedan
  • Hahaha wer ist Jan?!🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Jonathan ZimmermannJonathan Zimmermann5 månader sedan
  • One of those guys look like Dybala no lie

    Evelyn MoyoEvelyn Moyo5 månader sedan

    Nandini GhoshNandini Ghosh5 månader sedan
  • Is that goalkeeper or a statue

    Jyothish RamJyothish Ram5 månader sedan
  • wait did I saw hugo lloris? please comment down below👇

    Tazul OslTazul Osl5 månader sedan
  • I am brasiliam

    animasanimas5 månader sedan
  • this was so cringe

    itsDaniEL TVitsDaniEL TV5 månader sedan
  • shrtlink.ca/42teennudeblondexxx ඇගේ දෙපා දක්වා නැගී සිටියේය ඇය ඩජයිල්ට අතක් දිගු කර බැලුවාය

    Darlene GarrettDarlene Garrett5 månader sedan
  • They know how to make serious money haha

    Widen Your ConsciousWiden Your Conscious5 månader sedan
  • The advertising boards describe Billy in this video

    LiverpoolLiverpool6 månader sedan
  • I actually had a high expectation from the keeper. I know he has the capability to save some stunners but here he was a bit disappointing.

    Pritam DeyPritam Dey6 månader sedan
  • If this video was posted on free-kickerz so I would hv never watched it

    Ananya PandeyAnanya Pandey6 månader sedan
  • Germany vs England nice battle

    Julian RahnerJulian Rahner6 månader sedan
  • And Good and Good its good its the same 2:50 bruh

    superpromotion 77superpromotion 776 månader sedan
  • Ive been waitin for this. I watched Konzi’s knuckleball tutorial 8 years ago 😢

    Berke EraksoyBerke Eraksoy6 månader sedan
  • Freekickerz goalkeeper :Trying really hard to block the ball from going in F2 goalkeeper :just standing in the middle of the goal and looking at the ball going into the goal

    Moiz AbbasMoiz Abbas6 månader sedan
    • Did you konw that the goalkeeper is from freekockerz😂🤦‍♂️

      RushInSeeqZ-RushInSeeqZ-4 månader sedan
  • Jezz celebrates fake goal

    Subilo ChalweSubilo Chalwe6 månader sedan
  • Top 10 anime crossovers

    Eduard MoiseEduard Moise6 månader sedan
  • Aboniert mich für fortnite challenges streams

    btw_Koboldbtw_Kobold6 månader sedan
  • Wer hasst freekickerz wegen Cubsnito?

    btw_Koboldbtw_Kobold6 månader sedan
  • F2 are on another level🔥🔥

    pes starZzpes starZz6 månader sedan
  • Keeper doest not move when freekicker kick He did it because kepper is also freekicker And when f2 kick keeper reacts This is cheating Freekickers cannot beat f2 I think i am better then freekicker

    pes starZzpes starZz6 månader sedan
  • F2 are always better Freekickers are their kid🤣

    pes starZzpes starZz6 månader sedan
  • They straight up pranked you, Der Ball ist zu platt was a famous campaign in the nazi propaganda.

    Dabo KingDabo King7 månader sedan
  • When he missed, nick young moment

    Mini MessiMini Messi7 månader sedan
  • What is that free kick technique at 3:53

    Predator LegendaryPredator Legendary7 månader sedan
  • That keeper is great

    Deva DayzDeva Dayz7 månader sedan
  • at the goal jezz and bill

    Adam Ahmed morsiAdam Ahmed morsi7 månader sedan
  • wow

    Adam Ahmed morsiAdam Ahmed morsi7 månader sedan
  • Good job for the keeper

    hola graciashola gracias7 månader sedan
  • You should have own fifa charakters

    Raphael Baranyai-DöringRaphael Baranyai-Döring7 månader sedan
  • Jezza: “the World’s two best football SEworld channels collided’’ SkillTwins: am I a joke to you

    Christos TheodoulouChristos Theodoulou7 månader sedan
  • Wo sind die deutschen?

    EssentialDrumHacksEssentialDrumHacks8 månader sedan
  • F2 is the best in the world and i like the most

    Nisha NandNisha Nand8 månader sedan
  • hey at least the goalie tried unlike the one in the f2's normal channel...

    Hassan RahmanHassan Rahman8 månader sedan
  • Warum hat Konzi kein einziges mal geschossen?

    Vincent KrewittVincent Krewitt8 månader sedan
  • Finally a great goalkeeper

    Termidor bsons12Termidor bsons129 månader sedan
  • In den Winkel 😂klasse

    Typisch KickTypisch Kick9 månader sedan
  • Wrm hat konzi nie geschossen.. zu schlecht für die f2 oder was...

    Semih ŞenTürkSemih ŞenTürk9 månader sedan
  • Die beiden besten Fussball Kanäle auf der Welt

    Stefan BuczekStefan Buczek9 månader sedan
  • An alle Deutschen Wie Konzi keinen Schuss macht😂😂

    Stefan BuczekStefan Buczek9 månader sedan
  • #1:19 I have goosebumps

    Антоний ПанкеевАнтоний Панкеев9 månader sedan
  • فيه سعودي مر من هنا لايك

    ابو صقر وليدابو صقر وليد10 månader sedan
  • Есть наши?

    Naurizbaev ZholdasbekNaurizbaev Zholdasbek10 månader sedan
  • Pour goolkeeper😂😂

    שי באייהשי באייה10 månader sedan
  • Oh my goal should upload. What the hell happened to freekickerz keeper Jan

  • Yo jezza and billy

    larky l0k1larky l0k110 månader sedan
  • Can u meet with the unisport

    L JR GAMINGL JR GAMING10 månader sedan
  • Am I the only one who thinks the German guy w Brown hair looks like Dybala 😂

    Kian HerbertKian Herbert10 månader sedan
  • Ich bin Deutsch

    Boy of GamesBoy of Games10 månader sedan
  • Donate cleats plss

    Tedy SaliseTedy Salise10 månader sedan
  • I wanna see more billy whippage

    yamcakeyamcake10 månader sedan
  • Where is goalkeeper ?😂

    Soner EkinciSoner Ekinci11 månader sedan
  • Mi fans es el que le pega con la surda 👍👍👍👍quisiera pegarle como el ⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽

    Jose manuel Barrera GranadosJose manuel Barrera Granados11 månader sedan
  • what about jan his saves ? he held more than 2 ? Realy f2?

    Ahmed JuqraafiAhmed Juqraafi11 månader sedan
  • I thought there was dybala

    Abdualla TawfikAbdualla Tawfik11 månader sedan
  • The keeper ain't tryin still a fan though

    Iman AbassIman Abass11 månader sedan
  • You have a new ball?)

    ФСБ ChannelФСБ Channel11 månader sedan
  • I like f2

    Azyliana HarunAzyliana Harun11 månader sedan
  • Yang orang Indonesia Like kita sama

    fakhri 1104fakhri 110411 månader sedan
  • So eu de portughes nos comentarios

    toddy vlogtoddy vlog11 månader sedan
  • F2 please let me go in goal for one of videos 🙏🙏🤞🤞

    Jordan BishopJordan Bishop11 månader sedan
  • I am thinking of doing a SEworld football channel with my friend inspired by the F2

    Noyoze AghNoyoze Agh11 månader sedan
  • he is like dybala

    ROCKY GAMINGROCKY GAMING11 månader sedan
  • I have followed you before you had 700 followers still love you❤️❤️⚽️ kind on soccer ⚽️

    Vigo De AbreuVigo De Abreu11 månader sedan
  • Can anyone find Paulo Dybala in the video?

    Akshaan KawareAkshaan Kaware11 månader sedan
  • ich versteh nicht warum sie am ende lachen weil er sagt das er mit links einen echten hammer hat aber trotzdem starkes vidieo

    Jannis. TrkJannis. Trk11 månader sedan
  • Song at 1:30

    Reflex GamingReflex Gaming11 månader sedan
  • الي عربي لايك

    الكره العالميهالكره العالميه11 månader sedan
  • Make with Desimpedidos #DesimpedidosF2

    Daniel KauanDaniel Kauan11 månader sedan
  • Collaborate with daniel cutting

    hamza khalidhamza khalid11 månader sedan
  • Vi neznate sat znači bravo

    marko 2marko 211 månader sedan
  • WOW i love this video!!!

    Radut AndreiRadut Andrei11 månader sedan
  • Collab with unisport

    Briny demon03Briny demon0311 månader sedan
  • You do not do Ronaldo vs Messi anymore ?

    Céline MaagréébiiàCéline Maagréébiià11 månader sedan
  • please jan do something😂😂😂

    Joe BalianJoe Balian11 månader sedan