27 apr 2019
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  • YES GUYS! Have you ever wondered what it would be like if we could only use our weak foot!? Leave a comment which challenge we should take on next👀 Love, peace & tekkers! Bill & Jezza!

    F2Freestylers - Ultimate Soccer Skills ChannelF2Freestylers - Ultimate Soccer Skills ChannelÅr sedan
    • Gg

    • 5 star weak foot

      Michael LairdMichael Laird11 månader sedan
    • HI F2

      jry watjry watÅr sedan
    • OKAY

      jry watjry watÅr sedan
    • Bicycle kicks

      The White armyThe White armyÅr sedan
  • Anyone else here who is left footed

    Jim BellJim Bell14 dagar sedan
  • Hi

    SilviMariosToskaSilviMariosToska2 månader sedan
  • Bill's weak foot is wonderfull much than jez's strong... it is better to watch...

    Reejan AcharyaReejan Acharya3 månader sedan
  • What is the song used in 3:30?

    Noor Muhamad SaputraNoor Muhamad Saputra3 månader sedan
  • your so good

    Kareem NalshikKareem Nalshik3 månader sedan
  • ياخرة شنو هاذة

    Aljbory MohamedAljbory Mohamed3 månader sedan
  • You guys don't have weak foot

    Ovetta SmithOvetta Smith3 månader sedan
  • Were u guys doing a crossbar challenge 😂

    Mfum YawMfum Yaw3 månader sedan
  • My strong foot is weaker than my weak foot. I'm not kidding, it's really for me . Pls reply with some helpful tips. Thanks for all

    Razin Al AsifRazin Al Asif3 månader sedan
  • That goal keeper is trash

    Daniel VousdenDaniel Vousden4 månader sedan
  • It makes me feel weird using week foot it is like uneven

    Racso BobRacso Bob4 månader sedan
  • My best foot doesnt even reach the goalkeeper and in the other side theese guys are shooting unbelievable shots with their weak foot.

    Arshia GhavamiArshia Ghavami5 månader sedan
  • Plot twist: they mirrored the footage

    Fair Dinkum LegoFair Dinkum Lego5 månader sedan
  • In fifa they would have 2* weakfoot because EA think logical

    Fredde GräddeFredde Grädde6 månader sedan
  • I liked the vdo from 1.40.....was really amazing...n unbelievable....both hv mastered the skillss...ders nothing like weak foot for them....

    Mohd. JunaidMohd. Junaid6 månader sedan
  • Tum kafir ho

    Ayesha AhsanAyesha Ahsan6 månader sedan
  • Jezebel it not the crossbar challenge

    Anna Connelly-ChildsAnna Connelly-Childs7 månader sedan
  • WOW 😮 OMG

    Sonny-lee DennisSonny-lee Dennis7 månader sedan
  • On 1:35 Billy used his stronger foot 😏

    Eden SiyolweEden Siyolwe7 månader sedan
  • The last number of your like tells you which player you are 1 G.O.A.T (messi) 2 Cr7 3. KDB 4 Mbappé 5 Sledgegrove (only og’s remember) 6 VVD 7 Jez 8 Hazard 9 R9 0 Ronaldinho

    Julio VildosolaJulio Vildosola7 månader sedan
  • Corona 😉

    Hendrik VeerisHendrik Veeris7 månader sedan
  • Hello very good

    RozaSheepRozaSheep7 månader sedan
  • cool

    Jacob KingJacob King7 månader sedan
  • Who else can barely give a pass with their weak foot . Of course i'm not the only . Like if your the same👍👍

    khalil mansourkhalil mansour7 månader sedan
  • Jezza rocking the halal haircut

    Yusuf HussainYusuf Hussain7 månader sedan
  • Who else is watching this during the COVID19 period? (I'm subscribing everyone who subscribes me)

    Thejas TalksThejas Talks7 månader sedan
  • the shots were berley as strong a chip and the goalkeeper still couldn't catch it

    samina thangalsamina thangal7 månader sedan
  • I bet you are not in full screen

    Orloff Temujin KhisaOrloff Temujin Khisa7 månader sedan
  • I'm right footed but prefer my left footed for everything like wut ?

    Tudor IoanTudor Ioan7 månader sedan
  • F2 doesn't have a weakfoot ....

    Rowlands JohnnyRowlands Johnny7 månader sedan
  • The number at the end of the likes is who you are 1.messi 2.Ronaldo 3.mppapé 4.pogba 5.dybala 6.lewindoski 7.sancho 8.van djik 9.hazard 0.neymar

    littleskills 10littleskills 108 månader sedan
  • What name football boot you bro Billy?

    Jawaedan 95Jawaedan 958 månader sedan
  • Keeper is there for moral support....

    joey tribbianijoey tribbiani8 månader sedan
  • me with no leg hold my beer

    Akshyat TamrakarAkshyat Tamrakar8 månader sedan
  • Your week feet r better than my strong foot !!!

    Jollie gameplayJollie gameplay8 månader sedan
  • I feel like Jezza’s weak foot is a little more awkward than Billy’s. The way the ball flies and he hits it is a little unnatural compared to Billy.

    Liam Lake DayLiam Lake Day8 månader sedan
  • 5:55 jezza touched the ball with the right foot

    Lorent FazliuLorent Fazliu8 månader sedan
  • Ooooyyy

    Roanoa zoroRoanoa zoro8 månader sedan
  • Don’t have a weak foot😂😂

    Garry BennettGarry Bennett8 månader sedan
  • Me and Billy do the same type of shooting Oh you don't believe me search up adventures from timmy and you'll see

    Adventures From TimmyAdventures From Timmy8 månader sedan
  • Who is better like = Jez Comment =Bill

    Litha NkalaLitha Nkala8 månader sedan
  • Is there actually a weak foot in this video?

    Mario García GómezMario García Gómez8 månader sedan
  • Clickbait They pay the ball

    fidaa khederfidaa kheder8 månader sedan
  • I want to change your goalkeeper

    Satria WibawaSatria Wibawa8 månader sedan
  • I think the GK is hired to look at the ball 😂

    BLOOD々 REAPERBLOOD々 REAPER8 månader sedan
  • Hey baldi!

    Phantom Gold•Phantom Gold•8 månader sedan
  • 2:06 jezza right food

  • They are just god gift!

  • Billy don’t have a weak foot...

    Aston MartinAston Martin9 månader sedan
  • Keeper is fake

    Zohaib SiddiquiZohaib Siddiqui9 månader sedan
  • How to try Ravi footballer H

    Krishna KsKrishna Ks9 månader sedan
  • Billy very cool

    Giang LêGiang Lê9 månader sedan
  • Clikc bait

    H4D3S FFH4D3S FF9 månader sedan
  • U guys are too good

    subhadra dilipsubhadra dilip10 månader sedan
  • 7:35 That first touch was so smooth 😯

    SchneedSchneed10 månader sedan
  • Like it if you are lefty cause I am

    Marcos MolinaMarcos Molina10 månader sedan
  • Love from Bangladesh ❤

    Adnan siddikiAdnan siddiki11 månader sedan
  • Billy is left footed???

    It’s AlexIt’s Alex11 månader sedan
  • Now I know that you guys don't have a weak foot

    Akshai AjithAkshai Ajith11 månader sedan
  • They dont have a weak foot

    Mahdi FarajMahdi Faraj11 månader sedan
  • 5:55 used it to dribble😂😂

    J SJ S11 månader sedan
  • Jez used his right foot

    J SJ S11 månader sedan
  • You guys are definetly in top 5 best players in the world

    Žygimantas DaukšasŽygimantas Daukšas11 månader sedan
  • Would you guys use your weak foot in a soccer game

    Marcos MolinaMarcos Molina11 månader sedan
  • How much practice

    siddhartha ssiddhartha s11 månader sedan
  • It may be fake but bills right footed and he's using his right foot

    Footballs FutureFootballs Future11 månader sedan
  • They just switched the camera

    Mohamed Mouaad BerzizMohamed Mouaad Berziz11 månader sedan
  • 5 star skills 5 star weak foot

    PSY JackeyPSY Jackey11 månader sedan
  • My strong foot will never be as gd let alone my weak

    Olly Smyth1Olly Smyth111 månader sedan
  • I have no weak foot

    Elite ClubElite Club11 månader sedan
  • No one likes you

    Efrideets WrathEfrideets WrathÅr sedan
  • So which one is the weak foot🧐 Cuz I don’t see any

    Bertini JeanBertini JeanÅr sedan
  • both of my foot's are strong , now what should I do? :)

    BBS studiosBBS studiosÅr sedan
  • Can u hit those fifa player with your weak foot?plz

    killua kullaikillua kullaiÅr sedan
  • I want to know what the goolkeeper do??? He just see how the bool is scored 😂😂😂😂

  • The best way to develop your weaker foot is to sprain your stronger ankle. The few months you can not kick with your stronger foot will do wonders for your weaker foot. Another thing everyone misses is balance. When you are kicking with your stronger foot your weaker leg is balancing your body to execute the technique. You have better balance on your weaker leg. So practice balancing on one leg. You can do this anywhere. When I was in high school if I did not have the ball on my right foot I would dribble around a few guys to get it on my strong foot. College was much more difficult and I wished I had a coach when young to force me to kick left footed.

    imateapot51imateapot51År sedan
  • Who's noticed that most of us look like 5 year olds trying to play football for the first time when we use our weak foot

    Wandi NMFWandi NMFÅr sedan
  • 6:49 man bill how

    Charlotte Holmes-CloughCharlotte Holmes-CloughÅr sedan
  • Who's better Like-Billy Comment-Jezza

    Opa And DomaOpa And DomaÅr sedan
  • what r billy's boots

    Jackson RobinsonJackson RobinsonÅr sedan
  • Nice trim jezza

    Calum JohnstonCalum JohnstonÅr sedan
  • Why aren'they footballers hell 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • In 5:54 jezza was using strong exposed

    Khalifa NasirKhalifa NasirÅr sedan
  • Hard I CAN'T DO THAT

    mehreenmehreenÅr sedan
  • I can’t use my right foot

    Ethan MahonEthan MahonÅr sedan
  • هل من عرب اذا في لايك خلونا نشوف كم عددنا ❤😭😉

    عبد العزيز حسنعبد العزيز حسنÅr sedan
  • If you're a left-footed person like me, you can train your right foot with drumming (playing a drum kit) since normal drum kit requires our right foot to play the bass/kick drum. Seriously, it worked for me.

    Wyvern of He FeiWyvern of He FeiÅr sedan
  • It's not their weak foot It's their other foot

    Jai V. NainJai V. NainÅr sedan
  • F2 keepers are so bad🤢

    Tumelo LegasaTumelo LegasaÅr sedan
  • Billy 5 stars weak foot jez 4 stars Alright maybe 5

    Sharp 17Sharp 17År sedan
  • 0:27 “Today were not allowed to touch the ball with our strong foot” 2:06 *Proceeds to touch the ball with both feet*

    Salty DogSalty DogÅr sedan
  • Y don’t y’all play professional soccer

    logan paul is innocentlogan paul is innocentÅr sedan
  • OMG

    Munachi elechiMunachi elechiÅr sedan
  • their weak foot is 2 times stronger than my strong foot

    LucasLucasÅr sedan
  • 5* WF 5* SM.

    Tanveer Ul MustafaTanveer Ul MustafaÅr sedan
  • The number of likes this comment get's is how many times the goalkeeper DIDN'T dive

    Darius SotiropoulosDarius SotiropoulosÅr sedan
  • My weak foot is my right

    Lul EleziLul EleziÅr sedan
  • I know it's bad way to go, but my weaker foot is as strong as may dominant one, I mean not as accurate, but produces shot with the same pace...it's only practice...My right has been injured few times most recently broken ankle, so when I started running I still could shoot with my right...so naturally my self got really really really better...so when you get injured, take out the positives, but also be careful not to rush it...

    UraStrUraStrÅr sedan
  • Weak foot or no weak foot you are still great

    Justin McclainJustin McclainÅr sedan