EXTREME 100 BALL SHOOTING CHALLENGE | F2Freestylers | Billy Wingrove & Jeremy Lynch

23 aug 2020
808 044 visningar

How many goals can we score out of 100 shots?!...
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  • it wud have been fun to watch this video with an "actual" goalkeeper no matter the goals....

    Farhan SajeebFarhan Sajeeb5 dagar sedan
  • F2 tecas!!

    Evan FtikasEvan Ftikas12 dagar sedan
  • Bayern Munich will win 1=0

    Ahmed OmerAhmed Omer13 dagar sedan
  • The goalkeeper isn’t trying

    Dylan KnoxDylan Knox16 dagar sedan
  • I'd be happy with 6/10 cause he is a good goalie *gets more that 6/10 and goalie saves one-shot that was gonna hit the crossbar*

    Owen TshudyOwen Tshudy18 dagar sedan
  • I am a kid and I am a better keeper than the keeper in the video

    Christians ChannelChristians Channel20 dagar sedan
  • I thought it would have ended 2-1 Bayern Munich. Amazing challenge - video

    arnold zelayaarnold zelaya25 dagar sedan
  • It takes this much skill to act so bad in keeper when it's so easy to save

    Tai CastroTai Castro26 dagar sedan
  • the goalkeeper does not stop anything

    9 Banguera flor juan esteban9 Banguera flor juan estebanMånad sedan
  • At least I hope

    Syeda AminaSyeda AminaMånad sedan
  • Bayern Munich 3-1 Paris Saint German

    Syeda AminaSyeda AminaMånad sedan
  • 8:52 he said 😂😂 he said painy is a good keeper 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Reece DalgasReece DalgasMånad sedan
  • I don’t think this keeper understands the game

    Alpha GamesAlpha GamesMånad sedan
  • This ain’t a keeper. This is a random man you found on the street that you are paying to not be able to save anything

    Michael SchicianoMichael SchicianoMånad sedan
  • get the keeper which miniminter had and then see can you beat his score

    Sujal RamchandaniSujal RamchandaniMånad sedan
  • seworld.info/will/oqjPm9KUr3Sil5fW/videogv

    TV JegueTV JegueMånad sedan
  • The keeper is just standing there not even trying

    Jordan BatarsehJordan BatarsehMånad sedan
  • So jez goes the same way like 4 times in a row with the penalties and somehow the keeper can’t see a pattern forming?🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Arran CunliffeArran CunliffeMånad sedan
  • anyone come to the comments to see how the keeper was

    stela ursachistela ursachiMånad sedan
  • The keeper literally just stood there for half the time

    Mylonelymailbox12Mylonelymailbox12Månad sedan
  • There goalkeepers are oof

    Ashton StanfordAshton StanfordMånad sedan
  • This keeper is absolute dogshit, just stood in the middle the whole time

    moe moemoe moeMånad sedan
  • Bad keeper

  • This keeper is so fcking bad it’s not even a challenge anymore do this challenge again but then with the goalkeeper of miniminter and tobjzl their video

    unknownunknownMånad sedan
  • These guys are just good 💯💯👏

    Oneil LampartOneil LampartMånad sedan
  • 1 0 i think to brmunike

    Saeed IbrahimSaeed IbrahimMånad sedan
    • yes

      Saeed IbrahimSaeed IbrahimMånad sedan
  • this hurts me to watch the goalie as imma goalie

    Jacob PatrickJacob PatrickMånad sedan
  • I think Billy and jezza are more 💲💲💲💸💸💰💰💰💵💵

    Pranay AshokPranay AshokMånad sedan
  • How did u get 100 balls

    Pranay AshokPranay AshokMånad sedan
  • Necesitan arquero amigo

    Miguel Ángel RodaMiguel Ángel RodaMånad sedan
  • Yeh hi chelsea here we need a rrplacement for kepa your keeper woukd fit our club pls can we pay 120 mil for him

  • That keeper sucks

  • 8:50 he said the is good 😂 He's trash

    Nikolas ZagorianosNikolas Zagorianos2 månader sedan
  • Keeper doesnt even try

    Nikolas ZagorianosNikolas Zagorianos2 månader sedan
  • I bet if there was no keeper there would not be a difference. Not to be rude to the f2 I love them.

    Nehal AbdelhadyNehal Abdelhady2 månader sedan
  • I think bayern Munich will win 1-0 and Coman will score

    Crazy FlameCrazy Flame2 månader sedan
  • Did anyone realise the kid in The purple jacket

    Malyuun YusufMalyuun Yusuf2 månader sedan
  • At this point i might as well as go goal

    Finn StrachanFinn Strachan2 månader sedan
  • They should do a video vs Mini minters keeper from his video

    Finn StrachanFinn Strachan2 månader sedan
  • who is that kid in the backround

    Goalkeeping Skills With HugoGoalkeeping Skills With Hugo2 månader sedan
  • Can you do this again with the keeper from Simons vid

    Bjarki Snær SigurdssonBjarki Snær Sigurdsson2 månader sedan
  • The most challenging task is to collect those 100 balls 🙄

    Navneet SinghNavneet Singh2 månader sedan
  • That keeper is rubbish

    Jazzy GingerJazzy Ginger2 månader sedan
  • i got so triggered by the goalie

    Notorious gbNotorious gb2 månader sedan
  • Did anyone else see that 9/11

    Michael AdeyemiMichael Adeyemi2 månader sedan
  • Could you do a ball giveaway?

    Michael AdeyemiMichael Adeyemi2 månader sedan
  • ok they put on 2 extra so he got 63 not 65

    JNXWCXMBEJNXWCXMBE2 månader sedan
  • wait a minute, jezza is on 45 on his last volley but misses, so how come it gives him it then? 8:27

    JNXWCXMBEJNXWCXMBE2 månader sedan
  • Miniminter's vid was better tbh

    Jethro PhillipsJethro Phillips2 månader sedan
  • I'lL bE HappY WiTh SiX oUt Of TeN cUz h'eS a GoOd KeEPer

    Kumayle MerchantKumayle Merchant2 månader sedan
  • this keeper just stands and looks like an idiot

    Kumayle MerchantKumayle Merchant2 månader sedan
  • i like it very coooooool and #nise

    Narsing MakarNarsing Makar2 månader sedan
  • Shitest keeper ive seen

    Papi BoyPapi Boy2 månader sedan
  • The goal might as well have been empty

    Michael TawandaMichael Tawanda2 månader sedan
  • 2-0 Bayern

    Jack ShawJack Shaw2 månader sedan
  • am i the only one who got pissed that the goalkeeper didnt even dive

    Jesus LeyvaJesus Leyva2 månader sedan
  • You guys acting like he wasn’t scoring straight bangers!!!!

    Paul LujanPaul Lujan2 månader sedan
  • Hello F2

    Olena RehaOlena Reha2 månader sedan
  • That goalie sucks

    Aldair RangelAldair Rangel2 månader sedan
  • This music is incredible.

    adrianmugariadrianmugari2 månader sedan
  • Keeper need more training 😂

    Shruti NaikShruti Naik2 månader sedan
  • Jezz- He is a good keeper Me-Is he even a keeper I thought he is statue

    Vansh GodhaniaVansh Godhania2 månader sedan
  • Saying generic things without knowing the number 😂😂😂

    Chris RoweChris Rowe2 månader sedan
  • Super👌👌👌

    Rocky pandaRocky panda2 månader sedan
  • "baileys a good keeper" 90% of the shots the keeper just stands there

    Taishi Yasuki-PeteinTaishi Yasuki-Petein2 månader sedan
  • I can't believe that ⚽️😱

    Nasteexo XaajiNasteexo Xaaji2 månader sedan
  • ohh bayern munic is win

    Joker LinhJoker Linh2 månader sedan
  • it'd be better if the keeper wasn't completely useless

    AstrodanAstrodan2 månader sedan
  • What’s the difference and I’ll give you a hint it’s not the shot style😑 7:27 7:45

    T RoweT Rowe2 månader sedan
  • This keeper goes from saving the first 3 free kicks to just watching the ball that is what you call “I’ll give you extra money if you make me look better” trick

    T RoweT Rowe2 månader sedan
  • This goalkeeper is so bad!

    Fabio LopezFabio Lopez2 månader sedan
  • Musics so poinntles

    Callum //Callum //2 månader sedan
  • you guys should do a shout out to the ginga freestylers

    Samuel MonganSamuel Mongan2 månader sedan
  • My dog is better then this goalkeeper

    aaf stylizeaaf stylize2 månader sedan
  • Bili end jeza real madrid!!

    GIORGI GG YTGIORGI GG YT2 månader sedan
  • 4:00 the keeper just doesn’t move

    Monkey999Monkey9992 månader sedan
  • Legközelebb Bencső Endrét hívjátok el, kiszedi a szemetek F2!

    Benjámin MolnárBenjámin Molnár2 månader sedan
  • Jeremy lynch is a wanka

    Max Keogh1Max Keogh12 månader sedan
  • And the only actual save the goalie made, the 70th shot (volley) @ 8:25, they counted it as a goal (46/70)... 🤨 smh

    Jack VolpeJack Volpe2 månader sedan
  • Идите к Герману в амкал

    Николай НавхабовНиколай Навхабов2 månader sedan
  • Billys sweet, jez on the other hand...

    jg 88jg 882 månader sedan
  • Where do you guys get your soccer boots

    Noah GrieshaberNoah Grieshaber2 månader sedan
  • Billy and jezz your both amazing inspirations to me and I love ur vids on tik tok and yt and my best friend got to train with you

    Tarka JakeTarka Jake2 månader sedan
  • I've not played in goal for 10 years and even I can do better then this keeper 😂😂great save hmm Jez it was straight at him mate

    T11V T11VT11V T11V2 månader sedan
  • Keeper: Don't do it Keeper: Don't do it Keeper: Dive left

    ShrecipeShrecipe2 månader sedan
  • Keepers wearing gardening gloves

    Gary LazenbyGary Lazenby2 månader sedan
  • Jeramy lynch is in charity match today

    John DJohn D3 månader sedan
  • Get rid off gezza f1 only

    Regan GreenRegan Green3 månader sedan
  • Lol

    Elmi R.Elmi R.3 månader sedan
  • Put me between the sticks and u don’t get above 50 mate that keeper is awful

    Matt SayersMatt Sayers3 månader sedan
  • I could have scored 95 against this goalie

    hoiihoii3 månader sedan
  • that keeper couldn't even save a word document even kepa would've moved for at least 3 of them

    Matthew SpilsburyMatthew Spilsbury3 månader sedan
  • The best on the ball player in the world

    DigitalDistributionDigitalDistribution3 månader sedan
  • the keeper is a child...

    hs1626hs16263 månader sedan
  • The keeper doesn’t even try 😂😂😂

    Rhys CrownshawRhys Crownshaw3 månader sedan
  • The keeper just didn’t move

    Christian HayesChristian Hayes3 månader sedan
  • A 4 year old could of saved more

    Harrison HaymanHarrison Hayman3 månader sedan
  • Jeremy is a prick

    matthew knowlesmatthew knowles3 månader sedan
  • why is that keeper watching every shot

    NovaNova3 månader sedan
  • He scored 6 free kicks. That's 6 more than Bayern and Psg combined.

    Samuel WaleolaSamuel Waleola3 månader sedan