30 mar 2019
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  • jez better wash his hands with the covid :)

    Dan CollinsDan Collins29 dagar sedan
  • Me: it’s a clickbait F2: well yes but no

    Pranav ChhabraPranav ChhabraMånad sedan
  • f2 are so good like how good they are

    Ally CAlly CMånad sedan
  • I thought it was Zinedane Zidne

    Sion ArnoppSion ArnoppMånad sedan
  • He has better finish than benzema😂

    Talha AmirTalha AmirMånad sedan
  • Whoever thought this guy was Zidane’s son

    Harris MarceraHarris Marcera2 månader sedan
  • Has he moved yet

    Finn GraydonFinn Graydon4 månader sedan
  • courtois was beater mach beater

    explosive Studiosexplosive Studios4 månader sedan
  • Me

    DaiyaaanDaiyaaan5 månader sedan
  • shrtlink.ca/229stripsexualxxx හානියක් නැති

    Adele RichardAdele Richard5 månader sedan

    African godAfrican god6 månader sedan
    • Technically not

      A.AA.A6 månader sedan
  • Jez:I am not washing my hands again Corona:I am here to destroy this mans whole Career

    Xachik BabayanXachik Babayan7 månader sedan
  • $$$

    Men GdfcbMen Gdfcb7 månader sedan
  • 😀😀😀😀😀😀👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍

  • I thought it was zinedine zidane like if you too

    Yeetin YeeterYeetin Yeeter7 månader sedan
  • I thought it was zinedine

    bemnet melisewbemnet melisew7 månader sedan
  • Click baaaaaaaaaaait

    Amin Ennjimi BerkiaAmin Ennjimi Berkia9 månader sedan
  • Zizous son

    Noelene SmithNoelene Smith9 månader sedan
  • Yeah who thaught that was the actually the real zidane

    Monica CobianMonica Cobian11 månader sedan
  • Clickbaited lol

    Ctrap R6Ctrap R611 månader sedan
  • 4:51 he learned that from his dad

    Rafael WahnichRafael WahnichÅr sedan
  • Hes such a bad keep

    David GallegosDavid GallegosÅr sedan
  • Actually though one video with a good keeper. 😡😡😡😡😡😡

    Gayathri HariharanGayathri HariharanÅr sedan
  • Why is eh keeper

    Tobias LöhselTobias LöhselÅr sedan
  • Zidane his curve tho

    Angel SanchezAngel SanchezÅr sedan
  • I think I'm better in goal than him although I'm 13

    Kathryn reillyKathryn reillyÅr sedan
  • Luca serait meilleur en avant centre qu’au goal

    Louna Z PequiñoLouna Z PequiñoÅr sedan
  • Cr7

    Aseel KhaledAseel KhaledÅr sedan
  • I taught it was his father

    Ivan Neo Chen JunIvan Neo Chen JunÅr sedan
  • Son Zidane

    Mohammad AlnajjarMohammad AlnajjarÅr sedan
  • Who else thought it was Zinedine Zidane and when opened it found Luca Zidane?? 👇🏻😂😂😂

  • If he's one of the best why did he never move or why is he only rated 64 in FIFA

    Josue GarciaJosue GarciaÅr sedan
  • Why does still RMA play Courtois???

    VikasVikasÅr sedan
  • He dont need to be gk

    TimeOfEliyaTimeOfEliyaÅr sedan
  • well, I thought it was Zinedine and I clicked soo fast and it turned out to be Luca

    seshanシseshanシÅr sedan
  • Fun fact: He is acctually *Zinedine's Son*

    Ahmed Sultan.Ahmed Sultan.År sedan
  • The best save is of Jezza

    Niyant MandotNiyant MandotÅr sedan
  • OMG 5:42 that's sick from Luca.

    SkrimPieSkrimPieÅr sedan
  • Who thought it said Zinedine Zidane and immediately clicked it

    Edwin MathewEdwin MathewÅr sedan
  • Who else thought he was zinedine?

    Nohdi KarpouzasNohdi KarpouzasÅr sedan
  • This do clickbait

    Luca FarkasLuca FarkasÅr sedan
  • I thought it was Zinedine . . . Well I guess they're from the same club so ...

    Devansh JDevansh JÅr sedan
  • Better than courtious

    VK AVK AÅr sedan
  • But they was shooting to close 20m away if they go to the 25/30m rang they won't score

    oussama barkatioussama barkatiÅr sedan
  • guess everybody thought it would be zinedine zidane

    Merijn van EwijkMerijn van EwijkÅr sedan
  • Best keeper sorry but isn’t he a bronze on Fifa

    Jack BellJack BellÅr sedan
  • Did anyone notice that he never catches the ball he will only punch it or hit it with one hand

    VCS JayZVCS JayZÅr sedan
  • Jezza:one of the best keepers David de gea:hold my gloves

    Fayte FNFayte FNÅr sedan
    • Neuer: *Hold my Golden glove and my world cup and my ballon d'or nomination*

      The ShieldThe Shield11 månader sedan
    • Other way around

      Antoan PotskovAntoan PotskovÅr sedan
  • How Short Is That Grass???!!!

    Sam NouzariSam NouzariÅr sedan
  • F2 Made Luca look like a novice goalkeeper

    Troy ThomasTroy ThomasÅr sedan
  • Like of he is better than Tibout

    Lionel MessiLionel MessiÅr sedan
  • „Top goalkeeper”??? Billy don’ make me laugh, he’s even jumping for shots like a pro keeper

    David CataloniaDavid CataloniaÅr sedan
  • Billy and jezza should sign for EPL clubs

  • Why is he e keeper 😳

    Football MomentsFootball MomentsÅr sedan
  • "one of the best in the world" he is if you think of it.. i mean, who else have insane first touch like that as a GK? not even buffon could do that.. i would like to see de gea, navas, ter stegen do that volley.. look at that ball control.. he got some nice shots too..

    WYM MYWWYM MYWÅr sedan
  • Weres his handling

    Kingsley FrizzellKingsley FrizzellÅr sedan
  • Likaso, luca es el mejor 👍👍👍

    Mejor Portero del MundoMejor Portero del MundoÅr sedan
  • im worst then him maby be beacause im only 4 foot 5

    Rabbit GamerRabbit GamerÅr sedan
  • Who the f* told this guy to become a goalkeeper?

    MGAMGAÅr sedan
  • Luca looks like an amateur GK.

    RPRMRPRMÅr sedan

    ali Elhajjali ElhajjÅr sedan
  • Idk how people thought this would be Zinedine Zidane. He was losing his hair while playing and in the thumbnail Luca has a full head of hair and was a goalkeeper

    Uncle DrewUncle DrewÅr sedan
  • Gomes of Watfort was wayyy better

    Michiel TripMichiel TripÅr sedan
  • Alison

    Nikola PavlovicNikola PavlovicÅr sedan
  • Luca: My dad does not give me game time so I might as well be here

    Noah BrowneNoah BrowneÅr sedan
  • Ow no

    Umi Ruchyati SupatmiUmi Ruchyati SupatmiÅr sedan
  • Zidane vive la France 🇫🇷

    Lucas GermainLucas GermainÅr sedan
  • jezz saves the first shot while luca could barely save any of billy shot

    MTVHMTVHÅr sedan
  • I thought it was going to be Zinedine Zidane

    EB GamerEB GamerÅr sedan
  • Я один из России???

    Александр ДавыдовАлександр ДавыдовÅr sedan
  • Jez is better than Zidane in nets

    Nathan EllisNathan EllisÅr sedan
  • I love you to

    Shahnaaz HassanShahnaaz HassanÅr sedan
  • Lost my comment Who else can relate? No one I know Edit: just appeared now

    Amaan_ pro_1221Amaan_ pro_1221År sedan
  • I thought it was zinadine zidane

    Dizhar MZDizhar MZÅr sedan
  • Subscribe to Uncappedveil444

    Jo QuinlanJo QuinlanÅr sedan
  • I thought zinadine zidane

    Bhavna MandaliaBhavna MandaliaÅr sedan
  • this guys didnt dive for more than half of the shots

    Reece WyattReece WyattÅr sedan
  • He it's to bad XD

    Guilherme GKGuilherme GKÅr sedan
  • On Fifa: Ball control - 14 Finishing - 8 Long shots - 5 Volleys - 6

    Jac JohnsonJac JohnsonÅr sedan
  • Who else was hoping he used the sledgehammer on zidane

    Diego Polanco 6423Diego Polanco 6423År sedan
  • Title : *Zidane* Me : **CLICK**

    skezzzskezzzÅr sedan
  • Why do u say he’s like the best in the world but he is under like 80 rated of fifa

    HiHiÅr sedan
  • Quadu

    Hung vuong KtuHung vuong KtuÅr sedan
  • please i want you to make a chalenge vs tershtegen

    adel kameladel kamelÅr sedan
  • The video title is kind of misleading.

    muzhaq5muzhaq5År sedan
  • He is a better striker than Lukaku and trashford still..

  • F2 VS Gróf Dávid please( he is the 2. best goalkeeper in Hungary)

    Gál SomaGál SomaÅr sedan
  • The barcelona goalkeeper is beter

    Bryan DelftBryan DelftÅr sedan
  • F2 vs Kepa Arrizabalaga?

    John KaneJohn KaneÅr sedan
  • Zidane one of the best keepers? What's next Phil Jones best cb?

    Monika SamulewiczMonika SamulewiczÅr sedan
    • He's pretty good

      mohyim02mohyim02År sedan
  • Luca zidane is good goal kipper

    وريقة الحناوريقة الحناÅr sedan
  • He's awful

    Zane WilliamsZane WilliamsÅr sedan
  • ronaldo start in goalkeeper lucas is good stricker

    ciyaartoy awalboyciyaartoy awalboyÅr sedan
  • He should be CF. His saving is 🥶👋

    T YT YÅr sedan
  • are those like futsal balls or they legit official matchday balls

    Jose RodríguezJose RodríguezÅr sedan
  • He sucks as a goalie. Zizou wants to make him a superstar by force. Not gonna happen.

    Cleremy JarksonCleremy JarksonÅr sedan
  • luca zidane is son ina zinedine zidane

    Boris ZlatevBoris ZlatevÅr sedan
  • Jezza, not Jena, Autocorrect fail

    Charlie SlawnikCharlie SlawnikÅr sedan
  • Seeing Jena breaking his falls with his hands, in Zidane’s nice gloves, broke my heart.

    Charlie SlawnikCharlie SlawnikÅr sedan
  • Who else thought it was Zinedine :-)

    IAmTheDragonBoy ohIAmTheDragonBoy ohÅr sedan