21 aug 2019
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  • Did anyone see it?! The hidden "Easter egg" in this vid? I did and it was f**king awesome!

    Dee CeeDee Cee18 dagar sedan
  • 2:55 Jezza's Laugh 🤣🤣🤣

    Evan DuquenoyEvan Duquenoy7 månader sedan
  • Me: 😐 ok

  • The jokes weren’t what got me.. it was their laughing! Swear it’s just contagious 😂🤣 ✌️🤣😂😂😂

    Jon BarrinoJon Barrino11 månader sedan
  • What's orange and sounds like a parrot

    Ethan BigfeatherEthan Bigfeather11 månader sedan
  • They must have Been drunk

    Awkward CentralAwkward CentralÅr sedan
  • Literally want Jimmy bullard as my best mate. 😂

    Hatton Energy MotorsportHatton Energy MotorsportÅr sedan
  • can february march? No, but April may

    KeyzメKeyzメÅr sedan
  • Its so cringe when people put on a fake obnoxious lloud laugh to really really bad dad jokes........

    adventures of a fooladventures of a foolÅr sedan
  • My joke is which one of king Arthur's men built the round table? Sir cumference

    Oscar TavianiOscar TavianiÅr sedan
  • You could of gave tubes and Bullard a mic

    mcminn94mcminn94År sedan
  • I’m sorry but this video was not funny at all and I literally laugh at anything that I find the slightest bit funny

    Emmanuel YusufEmmanuel YusufÅr sedan
  • I’m sorry but this video was not funny at all and I literally laugh at anything that is the I find the slightest bit funny

    Emmanuel YusufEmmanuel YusufÅr sedan
  • 01:51 watch it

    Matchdayzone - Brawl StarsMatchdayzone - Brawl StarsÅr sedan
  • Dad Jokes ftw 😂😂

    Big Adam JonnyBig Adam JonnyÅr sedan
  • 1:50 happens when u marry ur cousin 😂😂

    Mohammad AyaanMohammad AyaanÅr sedan
  • this isn’t funny at all for Non-British people

    K CubaK CubaÅr sedan
  • A blonde, tired of people assuming she's stupid, goes to a salon and has her hair dyed brown. On her way home she sees a shepherd and his flock of sheep. She stops and asks, "if I guess how many sheep you have, can I have one?" The shepherd agrees and the blonde guesses, "237." He does some quick figures in his head, realizes she's right and tells her to grab one. As she comes back with her pick he asks, "if I guess what color your roots are, can I have my dog back?"

    Well hello thereWell hello thereÅr sedan
  • Trash

    ChicagoFlippersChicagoFlippersÅr sedan
  • This is the best try not to laugh challenge they have ever done Read more

    KeyzメKeyzメÅr sedan
  • I want to get a job cleaning mirrors... I can see myself working there😂

    Imzy 123Imzy 123År sedan
  • Who else was waiting for Billy’s joke he said he would do in a minute ? 😂

    Kai SuttonKai SuttonÅr sedan
  • Surely gotta be putting some of these laughs on

    Kai SuttonKai SuttonÅr sedan
  • What was the score this time

    KeyzメKeyzメÅr sedan
  • Must add subtitles for such an episode

    Rayyan AbdurahmanRayyan AbdurahmanÅr sedan
  • 4:52 smell my pits bruv

    Alfie StoneAlfie StoneÅr sedan
  • My brother also has those type of toes

    Kudiwa ManyereKudiwa ManyereÅr sedan
  • Why was 6 scared of 7?

    Kiwi KickerKiwi KickerÅr sedan
  • Watch jelly

    Unathi magUnathi magÅr sedan
  • Why are only 2 of the 4 mic'd up

    SaintEven92SaintEven92År sedan
  • Why did the toilet paper roll down the hill. To get to the bottom

    OutOfTheBox MathOutOfTheBox MathÅr sedan
  • Whats 2+2, my friend responded, uu 4. Then I said... Nup its 2+2 jeez

    OutOfTheBox MathOutOfTheBox MathÅr sedan
  • What did the traffic light say to the car. Look away, Im changing

    OutOfTheBox MathOutOfTheBox MathÅr sedan
  • I never mind going to the bathroom with a pterodactyl. because it has a silent p

    OutOfTheBox MathOutOfTheBox MathÅr sedan
  • they should have named this video, "who laughs harder challenge"

    AmineAmineÅr sedan
  • How did you get Jimmy Bullard in a video and it wasn't funny

    Tom WatsonTom WatsonÅr sedan
  • who reffed the spiders football game?? Howard Webb

    daniel skiltondaniel skiltonÅr sedan
  • 1:07 Ish I can do that😭😂

    Charlie FarrellCharlie FarrellÅr sedan
  • Yeah , i M laughing because of their laughing

    Jek IntromenJek IntromenÅr sedan
  • I went to a zoo which only one dog It was a shitzoo

    Ps4gamingboyPs4gamingboyÅr sedan
  • The Camara man laughts too😂

    LevinLevinÅr sedan
  • The white hair guy looks like dani alves *old*

    Ashwin VinodAshwin VinodÅr sedan
  • Do a video with Roberto Carlos the Swaz king, like if u agree

    Joe PalmerJoe PalmerÅr sedan
  • Bruhhhhhh

    Crina VacarciucCrina VacarciucÅr sedan
  • Jez makes every video better by laughing

    C0BRO_M0NSTAH1409C0BRO_M0NSTAH1409År sedan
  • Who is better like for f2 freestyles comment f2teckz

    Avhan ReviewsAvhan ReviewsÅr sedan
  • This is the collab I didn't know I needed

    Daniel NwadikeDaniel NwadikeÅr sedan
  • The funny thing about it is it wasn’t funny 😂

    Jack WilliamsJack WilliamsÅr sedan
  • I guys are rubbish

    siamul17 starcsiamul17 starcÅr sedan
  • This is hands down the worst video ⬇️ like if u agree

  • Billy’s team

    Ben McHughBen McHughÅr sedan
  • Sub to football mad cool vid hi billy and jezza

    Celtic Dylan9Celtic Dylan9År sedan
  • Oye jezz looking like 2011 j cole...

    young sinatrayoung sinatraÅr sedan
  • Oy billy...u should get jez back....I say lock him in a continue and fill it up with water ...But dont kill him

    Aakash SunilAakash SunilÅr sedan
  • They need mic’s can barely hear them

    Josh BoothJosh BoothÅr sedan
  • This is what happens when 4 guys smoke some weed

    Ramo QasRamo QasÅr sedan
  • That was hilarrious ( sorry bout the spelling)!!!!!!!!!!

    Alun JonesAlun JonesÅr sedan
  • Yo guys we are a new upcoming channel that do soccer video and are gonna post daily soccer vids !!🔥subscribe to our SEworld channel!!🔥🤘⚽️

    The ChicanosThe ChicanosÅr sedan

    Andrej PetkovskiAndrej PetkovskiÅr sedan
  • I’ve got webbed feet

    Jakesm07Jakesm07År sedan
  • DO you guys ever come near NH in the US? That's where I live.

    EthanEthanÅr sedan
  • 3 day's ago 250k views that is poor views man.make fifa or messi vs ronaldo part 3

    Shahid RahmanShahid RahmanÅr sedan
  • Billy if u see this u still need to get jezza back for locking u in the container

    Reece FentonReece FentonÅr sedan
  • I really liked this video it was so funny 😂

    LEO 66LEO 66År sedan
  • What do you call a house with no sters....... a no ster house

    Lul EleziLul EleziÅr sedan
  • They always laughed

    wild lifewild lifeÅr sedan
  • so funny

    Ariel LuquerAriel LuquerÅr sedan
  • Where can I get theses jokes?

    Javier JohnJavier JohnÅr sedan
  • Watch me be the first to comment

    JR. SkillzJR. SkillzÅr sedan
  • Why don't you do a FIFA match with your favourite team in the premier league

    Ferdusi AkhtarFerdusi AkhtarÅr sedan
  • When tubes did that he looked like SHREKKK😂😂😂😂😂

    The flag bearerThe flag bearerÅr sedan
  • These four though 😂😂😂😂

    Stuart HillmanStuart HillmanÅr sedan
  • Notifications didnt go out

    Adam MurphyAdam MurphyÅr sedan
  • My friend says to me: "What rhymes with orange." I said: "No it doesn't"

    Hassan AliHassan AliÅr sedan
    • Classic Jimmy carr joke

      MrFluffyNugg3tsMrFluffyNugg3tsÅr sedan
    • **cricket noises**

      Alehandro Da CostaAlehandro Da CostaÅr sedan
  • Got a little rhyme There was a man from Leeds who swallowed a packet of seeds In less than an hour his willy was a flower And arse was a bundle of weeds

    Shay ProctorShay ProctorÅr sedan
  • How do you make a snooker table laugh? Tickle it’s balls 🎱

    Shay ProctorShay ProctorÅr sedan
  • I have the same problem as home with his toes ahahah

    Shay ProctorShay ProctorÅr sedan
  • One thing I'm really mad about is they lost their 1st la liga match when the could've went undefeated for a season.

    Eric johnsonEric johnsonÅr sedan
  • Messi several nutmegs against AC Milan. Messi did the Jorginho penalty against Rayo Vallecano. I just want Messi to lift that Champions league trophy. He got the tekkers 🤣🤣

    Eric johnsonEric johnsonÅr sedan
  • What’s faster than a black man running down the street with your tv? His brother with your Xbox

    charlie wrightcharlie wrightÅr sedan
  • Billy and jezza always laughs

    Caronese BassonCaronese BassonÅr sedan
  • Jimmy bullard stomach highlight of the show 😂😂

    Atzaz UmarAtzaz UmarÅr sedan
  • Everybody sub the tekkerz kid and meet the Greer’s on SEworld because with the more subs they get the more they upload even with f2

    YASoccer 10YASoccer 10År sedan
  • Subscribe👆

    Muhammad HidayatMuhammad HidayatÅr sedan
  • 1:07 i can do that

    Þröstur Arnar KiernanÞröstur Arnar KiernanÅr sedan
  • Comment 500

    Þröstur Arnar KiernanÞröstur Arnar KiernanÅr sedan
  • can you do a 1v1 both of you

  • Funny Jokes please buy me racal and yeezyies

    Sisanda MakeleniSisanda MakeleniÅr sedan
  • Jimmy is so funny every joke he said I laughed

    Guy FitzgeraldGuy FitzgeraldÅr sedan
  • 3:06

    Bhooshan PanditBhooshan PanditÅr sedan
  • The best laugh at this video is the jezza's laugh he makes me laugh too😂😂❤

    Besim ZeqiriBesim ZeqiriÅr sedan
  • can you make a video about how to fo step over,please!🤗

    九龍張敬軒九龍張敬軒År sedan
  • 5:25 I feel like we have been in this situation before...

    Darcy AgiusDarcy AgiusÅr sedan
  • 한국인 좋아요

    코카콜라코카콜라År sedan
  • Early

    Neha SrivastavaNeha SrivastavaÅr sedan
  • pls have 1v1 try not to laugh other are sucker(do like vid no. 1)

    Deeksha RastogiDeeksha RastogiÅr sedan
  • Petition for Billy and Jezza each make their own channels

    itz. aspisitz. aspisÅr sedan
  • Why don't you guys film with women soccer players like Alex Morgan or Lucy Bronze or Tobin Heath or Carlo Lloyd?

    Sandra CookSandra CookÅr sedan
  • What kind of bees produce milk?………….......... boo-bees! (o)(o) aka the best kind of bees! Cheers!

    Shaun StackhouseShaun StackhouseÅr sedan
  • Come to Perth, Australia because they're hosting the football mini world cup in October this year (btw from Perth).

    Phillip JohnstonPhillip JohnstonÅr sedan