26 aug 2020
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Yes guys,
In this video we reveal the worlds best 6 year old footballer Arat Hosseini. Drop a Like if you want to see our Mini Messi Vs Mini Ronaldo video???
Please check out Arat’s channel here:

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  • I love you alright in the queue ma Jabar

    LANAH 00LANAH 008 timmar sedan
  • So nice

    RIFAT PradhanRIFAT Pradhan4 dagar sedan
  • She's a girl then how she is playing like this OMG

    Farhan MurshidFarhan Murshid5 dagar sedan
  • The thing is, Barcelona would have take her at this age to the team unless she was a girls. And the main thing is WHAT I SAW 🥴😱😱 SHE CAN GOAL AT LEAST 100 GOAL IN 5 MINUTES IF I WOULD PLAY WITH HER 🙄🙄

    Tonu IslamTonu Islam6 dagar sedan
  • This kid you think she alian

    Mark OliverMark Oliver7 dagar sedan
  • At that age i know how to eat biscuit very well🤣😂

    Man BoihMan Boih8 dagar sedan
  • افرین اراتتتت

    Amir PayuonAmir Payuon11 dagar sedan
  • Good 😎

    irfansyah 25irfansyah 2511 dagar sedan
  • Nice Tekkers

    Evelyn SmithEvelyn Smith12 dagar sedan
  • JUST Wow

    Gamer HVGamer HV12 dagar sedan
  • the

    efsaneviefsanevi12 dagar sedan
  • I liked about F2 that they r showing young talent up on their show

    Aditya KulkarniAditya Kulkarni15 dagar sedan
  • Cool

    Aditya KulkarniAditya Kulkarni15 dagar sedan
  • Good

    ThienNga DươngThienNga Dương15 dagar sedan
  • Guys seroiously think about it this kid is so overrated it’s easy you know not that hard after when you see him dribbling defenders don’t forget that these defenders a 6 year olds

    Snorkel BloxSnorkel Blox15 dagar sedan
  • Arat is from iran

    Danny AhramianDanny Ahramian16 dagar sedan
  • 1v1 grli plz

    Henrry VillatoroHenrry Villatoro16 dagar sedan
  • hey 1v1 me golkeper

    Henrry VillatoroHenrry Villatoro16 dagar sedan
  • Yo this kid got tekers

    Kylie AitkenKylie Aitken16 dagar sedan
  • Çok güzel oynuyor

  • OMG she is blessed

    Mubarak MohamudMubarak Mohamud17 dagar sedan
  • Gap yoq men uzbekman

    S A M A N D A RS A M A N D A R18 dagar sedan
  • Thats to all the people saying that girls cant play football!!

    ಠ_ಠಠ_ಠ19 dagar sedan
  • Oye puedo llegar ahorita precio cadena de valor son negras

    Miguel AveigaMiguel Aveiga21 dag sedan
  • I love the fact That the Ball is neraly bigger than him😂

    Xd NadhakanXd Nadhakan22 dagar sedan
  • Its girl or boy

    stefanos Pashalistefanos Pashali24 dagar sedan
  • Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fantastic

    stefanos Pashalistefanos Pashali24 dagar sedan
  • I’m jealous

    Pradeep BorahPradeep Borah25 dagar sedan
  • Well he could be the youngest player in history if he gets a contract

    noureen 320noureen 32026 dagar sedan
  • She is so stubby and short

    Matthew MillsMatthew Mills26 dagar sedan
  • Enana

    Diego Fernando Moreno Cadena Moreno CadenaDiego Fernando Moreno Cadena Moreno Cadena27 dagar sedan
  • This guy just ruined my dream of becoming the best footballer ever in 3 minutes 💔

    Reverse videosReverse videos27 dagar sedan
  • Girl or boy lol like a girl

    Ñìģhťmářë jajoÑìģhťmářë jajoMånad sedan
  • Orkun ısıtmak adamını çaldılar

    Oğuz KağanOğuz KağanMånad sedan
  • I’m 12 and this girl is better than I ever was

    Haroon TararHaroon TararMånad sedan
  • 👍👍👍⚽😱MISSI

    حلاويحلاويMånad sedan
  • my arabik

    سعاد آل سعودسعاد آل سعودMånad sedan
  • 👍😏😫😯

    Dilek ELMASDilek ELMASMånad sedan
  • That kids in a tournemant where I am he’s number 3

    Beats VidsBeats VidsMånad sedan
  • The stars just keep getting younger and younger.

    Auto PAuto PMånad sedan
  • Shes better than me and she can do rainbow flick

    Queen BQueen BMånad sedan
  • Iranian😈😈

    Bax miBax miMånad sedan
  • But mini messi is the same height as messi..

    George DinuGeorge DinuMånad sedan
  • Wons I played argainst him

    QuinnMartinTheMightyQuinnMartinTheMightyMånad sedan
  • پرچم ایران بالا

    Mikael KaveMikael KaveMånad sedan
  • ایرانی پرچم بالاس💎♥ عشقی ارات فوتبالیست فقط آرات حسینی🔥💎

    Sepehr MalekiSepehr MalekiMånad sedan
  • Girl or boy

    Mujib RahmanMujib RahmanMånad sedan
    • Boy

      گلی رضاییگلی رضاییMånad sedan
  • Girl or bot

    Mujib RahmanMujib RahmanMånad sedan
  • Keep him for play ,one day come she wiil legend pro player,donot stop him...

    • She?

      HerudHerudMånad sedan
  • Mini ronaldinjo

    Mihail GamerMihail GamerMånad sedan
  • Cool

    Pele king of football 6Pele king of football 6Månad sedan
  • helal

    AZEFUTBOL ElekberovAZEFUTBOL ElekberovMånad sedan
  • Please watch this kid play and honestly let me know what you think :) 7 years old

    Jessica SzewczukJessica SzewczukMånad sedan
  • You can go and check him out (Arat Hosseini) He has six abs/packs!!!!!!!!!

    Exotic LUQYExotic LUQYMånad sedan
  • well he can play. he plays like a pro me: still haven't gone to an academy. still waiting for someone to sign me

    Daniel Purity TimothyDaniel Purity TimothyMånad sedan
  • Very nice to video

    Mukta kumari HembromMukta kumari HembromMånad sedan
  • Man...this dedication...unbelievable 🔥🔥🔥

    Asim HoqueAsim HoqueMånad sedan

    TV JegueTV JegueMånad sedan
  • Can I be like Messi son

    Princeowusu AsamoahPrinceowusu AsamoahMånad sedan
  • God bless him

    Wildlife video in Assam and indiaWildlife video in Assam and indiaMånad sedan
  • Mini Messi is far better than the Big Messi 🥴

    Saifal KabirSaifal KabirMånad sedan
  • 🧐

    Carolina SundelinCarolina SundelinMånad sedan
  • Messi girl

    Carolina SundelinCarolina SundelinMånad sedan
    • He is boy

      گلی رضاییگلی رضاییMånad sedan
  • how does he do that

    Isaac BrennanIsaac BrennanMånad sedan
  • Nice moves

    Nqobizitha NyathiNqobizitha NyathiMånad sedan
  • Nathanael Haryanto/2B hadir Mr 🙏

    Nathannael HaryantoNathannael HaryantoMånad sedan
  • O menino joga muito 😯⚽️

    Vania LimaVania LimaMånad sedan
  • I didn’t know what soccer was when I was six.

    Calvarez the LegendCalvarez the LegendMånad sedan
  • She

    Diaa HossamDiaa HossamMånad sedan
  • Me at this age.lost in the market trying to find my mom 😊😊

    Karma TashiKarma TashiMånad sedan
  • Arat Iran 🇮🇷

    figo gamefigo gameMånad sedan
  • ايران

    figo gamefigo gameMånad sedan
  • آرات

    figo gamefigo gameMånad sedan
  • 🤣😂😂😂🤣😄😅😄😆

  • Love this

    md jewel Ranamd jewel RanaMånad sedan
  • 👍👍👍👍🤯🤯

    Fatime RamadaniFatime RamadaniMånad sedan
  • May he live long

    Sarah IkramSarah IkramMånad sedan
  • I prefer call him 'The Next Ronaldinho'

    Faisal FahbiFaisal FahbiMånad sedan
  • I wa sthat good that age but now no my parents put me into engerning

    Dharshana venkidupathyDharshana venkidupathyMånad sedan
  • Mini messi suk

  • At that age I barely had control of my limbs little known this😂

    Sophie MSophie MMånad sedan
  • آرات کوچلو 🤣🤣

    Arash KingArash KingMånad sedan
  • How is she that good

    lucas adomeitlucas adomeitMånad sedan
  • Yea ronaldo

    Dylber RekaDylber RekaMånad sedan
  • ليش تخلي ابنك يوس بنت

    Nice NiceNice NiceMånad sedan
  • Mini Messi: Proceeds to perform rainbow flick which is not Messi's skill

    Green PeasGreen PeasMånad sedan
  • Im the next mesi,hes in the way

    Mwangala SikombeMwangala SikombeMånad sedan
  • Ndldjdndkdjdudkdndydkd e hicieron su número para allá y no me he acordado mucho de que el niño está en la casa 😂😃😂😂 pero bueno ya está mejor que el problema 😸🙂😸🙂🙂😸🙂🙂😸😸😜🙂😸 jdfnflf que no le ha gustado nada que no merece estar en la cama y otros dos están bien ahí que la verdad que me dijo 😃😃 acuerdo mucho de ebd ldkdke

    Rosa Fernández RiveroRosa Fernández RiveroMånad sedan
  • سلام

    عزه طهعزه طهMånad sedan
  • What The fack

    Xaawo Cabdi123Xaawo Cabdi123Månad sedan
  • 😍😍😍😍👌👌👌😃

    Rishad RishuRishad RishuMånad sedan
  • Olha um gnomio

    vanderlei dos santos limavanderlei dos santos limaMånad sedan
  • messinin oğlu lile vs atsın bide ronaldonun oğlu ile vs atsın

  • Im 10 years old and Not signed By a Youth Team Spoiler im not that good as her

    Dabdemonizer YTDabdemonizer YTMånad sedan
  • Ohh !!! ARAT !!! What a skill of you !!!

    Aryan RajAryan Raj2 månader sedan
  • او ماي قاد والله انها رات اسطوره احسن من كريستيانو جونيور

    نواف المطيرينواف المطيري2 månader sedan
  • I never get tired of watching this boy in action. Stay healthy my little friend

    af saf s2 månader sedan
  • Whaaat

    eksutod Kocakeksutod Kocak2 månader sedan
  • jém cc 2020

    mohamed feriounmohamed ferioun2 månader sedan
  • wonderful.....👍 messi💖

    Jazeela KinyaJazeela Kinya2 månader sedan