F2 VS CRAZY SPEED & REACTION TEST! 😱⚡️ | Billy Wingrove & Jeremy Lynch

8 jun 2020
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We take on this extreme reaction test using a pair of synaptic goggles...& the results are CRAZY! 😱
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  • Jezza looks like Thiago Alcantara with this hair!

    Gergely Kenny SzilvásiGergely Kenny Szilvási18 dagar sedan
  • seworld.info/will/oqjPm9KUr3Sil5fI/videoffff

    TV JegueTV JegueMånad sedan
  • Not enough swaz today jez mate

    aidan27aidan272 månader sedan
  • Where’d you get those from

    Isaac BieglerIsaac Biegler3 månader sedan
  • F2 must do the chest catch tutorial

    Tyrique NonohTyrique Nonoh3 månader sedan
  • jeramy is such a prick

    ObscurxeFNObscurxeFN3 månader sedan
  • What boots are Billy’s there dope

    REXZREXZ3 månader sedan
  • what boots is billy wearing?

    Colton SparksColton Sparks3 månader sedan
  • 132 serjo

    Pedro RamseyPedro Ramsey3 månader sedan
  • Name of the boot and the color please??

    sand geniussand genius4 månader sedan
  • I'm following in morocoo

    Mjid ZarouguiMjid Zarougui4 månader sedan
  • Nice but short

    maromaro4 månader sedan
  • You guys are brits but call football "soccer"

    BoutDaCheckBoutDaCheck4 månader sedan
  • Hello, you are the best ever, you are my ideal Please come to my country to see our talents. We are honored in your presence to us. If you want to come to my country, Jordan, here is my number. The name of my page on Facebook (حسن السباتين الدوايمه) Enter the name in Arabic Thank you (F2)

    Hasan ALSBATENHasan ALSBATEN4 månader sedan
  • Hello, you are the best ever, you are my ideal Please come to my country to see our talents. We are honored in your presence to us. If you want to come to my country, Jordan, here is my number. The name of my page on Facebook (حسن السباتين الدوايمه) Enter the name in Arabic Thank you

    Hasan ALSBATENHasan ALSBATEN4 månader sedan
  • Nice vidoe

  • quit unfair man you showed me then what is it on market

    Nati MinilikeNati Minilike4 månader sedan
    • your right if there is tell us and how much it costs

      Nati MinilikeNati Minilike4 månader sedan
  • جميل والله ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    معاذ إبراهيممعاذ إبراهيم4 månader sedan
  • Jezza shooting with the strobe glasses is like me shooting without them 😂. Like if your the same

    Spider Webb's Stop motionsSpider Webb's Stop motions4 månader sedan
  • that could be very useful for a goalkeeper

    nathan vunathan vu4 månader sedan
  • Great control billy

    Simona VasiľováSimona Vasiľová4 månader sedan
  • You guys have to bring a new goalie. (a goalie who can react to fast balls)

    AWM 4AWM 44 månader sedan
  • where did you do this video

  • I just started my new Football youtube channel and uploaded a trailer so please if you can, check it out because i am about to upload more awesome skills tutorials!

    Umar SalmanUmar Salman4 månader sedan
  • The vídeo esa amazing And fun

    Israel Salas ViverosIsrael Salas Viveros4 månader sedan
  • I saw Shauna in the back ground

    legacy gamerlegacy gamer4 månader sedan
  • What boots are Billy wearing

    Solomon WilsonSolomon Wilson4 månader sedan
  • why are you not uploading

    AnirooAniroo4 månader sedan
  • Mmh not challenging wanna challenge me

    Regina MmariRegina Mmari4 månader sedan
  • Why are they not posting

    Aaron PredaAaron Preda4 månader sedan
  • can you make it happen again we want to see football matches #F2 FC

    Brendan LyombaBrendan Lyomba4 månader sedan
  • O

    Rafael GonzalezRafael Gonzalez4 månader sedan
  • You should do a video of: F2 vs Alisson F2 vs De Gea F2 vs Courtous F2 vs Ter Stegen Like if you agree 👇🏻

    The Fan BoyThe Fan Boy4 månader sedan
    • Like beggar

      Budgie YTBudgie YT3 månader sedan
    • Ederson would be nice

      Husky FelineHusky Feline4 månader sedan
    • F2 vs DE GEA👇

      Thati KgosinkweThati Kgosinkwe4 månader sedan
    • They already done with Courtouis and Ter stegen

      Yuri Aka PvpYuri Aka Pvp4 månader sedan
  • Hey, guys, where can I buy those glasses?

    Profi HráčProfi Hráč4 månader sedan
  • These glasses are crazy expensive

    Christian LotterChristian Lotter4 månader sedan
  • Who wants f2 to start posting more 👇

    PhamPham4 månader sedan
  • Do a new video

    Robert KarinaRobert Karina4 månader sedan
  • Do A new video

    Ibrahim ShalabyIbrahim Shalaby4 månader sedan
  • F2 vs Messi and Cr7 m.seworld.info/will/ZmupmbvIfZt20GQ/video

    Abhijiith RajeshAbhijiith Rajesh4 månader sedan
    • Fake

      SWE4TY VYBERZツSWE4TY VYBERZツ4 månader sedan
  • F2 pls put your next video waiting for you 🥰🥰💖💖

    Emmanuel VargheseEmmanuel Varghese4 månader sedan
  • Where u guys at its been 1 month

    DumberDumber4 månader sedan
  • seworld.info/will/d4Hbqr6-i6CYyn0/video

    Ismail KunjuIsmail Kunju4 månader sedan
  • My my channel please

  • Good day f2, i have been following your work for a long time and i like you and i support you. My friend and I created an account f2_younger because we like your voodoo, so we will try to do such tteiks and challenges. Sorry we copied you for the name, I'd be grateful if we could get an ad, thank you very much, but even if we don't get a lot of thanks anyway, goodbye. Tik tok: f2_younger

    MintyOnYtMintyOnYt4 månader sedan
  • Eyy bill ur better then me even with the glassses on

    Martin T SøvikMartin T Søvik4 månader sedan
  • Love you F2 freestylers

    Farid FariddFarid Faridd4 månader sedan
  • When the beat changes you know 🤣

    Farid FariddFarid Faridd4 månader sedan
  • WOW this fantastic I love you my from in IRAQ🇮🇶🇮🇶😍

    الحشد المقدسالحشد المقدس4 månader sedan
  • It’s been 1 month can you please upload but if there’s an emergency 🚨 we understand

    Kaden RajahKaden Rajah4 månader sedan
  • Billy might be my cousin not lying

    Steve WigzellSteve Wigzell4 månader sedan
  • New videi

    Kai ProductionsKai Productions4 månader sedan
  • Soccer is boring AFL if better

    BlakeyPlaysBlakeyPlays4 månader sedan
    • Not really it’s really boring soccer because you can’t pick the ball up compared to AFL is way better soccer sucks

      BlakeyPlaysBlakeyPlays4 månader sedan
    • UP THE SWANS but football (soccer) is better

      Alex Taylor-EvansAlex Taylor-Evans4 månader sedan
  • العربي يحط لايك

    حبيبي واللهحبيبي والله5 månader sedan
  • Epic

    m Martinm Martin5 månader sedan
  • They can shoot better than me without the glasses on

    Tom EliotTom Eliot5 månader sedan
  • You met all the football stars and have done a video with them but you never shooted with Cristiano Ronaldo #CR7 you have just a photo with him Eagerly waiting for a video in which we can see the greatest legend of all time Cristiano Ronaldo with one of my favorites F2Freestylers. Love you F2Freestylers

    Jaykuvar BJaykuvar B5 månader sedan

    x2 LEGENDSx2 LEGENDS5 månader sedan
  • Love those glasses

    2Gamers2Gamers5 månader sedan
  • post daily plz

    AAAAAA5 månader sedan
  • Thats good enemy for remeyning

    Bilinmeyen Tehlike! !Bilinmeyen Tehlike! !5 månader sedan
  • gyues I just downloaded your app it's sick!👍👍

    Ollie SkinzOllie Skinz5 månader sedan
  • seworld.info/will/qILWrrXTsGBft2g/video Legendary saves by Manuel nuer

    CHANNEL STSCHANNEL STS5 månader sedan
  • New video ???

    Gulman SamuratGulman Samurat5 månader sedan
  • هلا وله

    Bendrama BouchraBendrama Bouchra5 månader sedan
  • Antoine Griezmann

    Farid FariddFarid Faridd5 månader sedan
  • في احد عربي

    خالد بن هلابيخالد بن هلابي5 månader sedan
  • Check Fejonest channel for scoring bangers!!!

    L VL V5 månader sedan
  • And the title can be kicking corona-virus

    Tim Mi4jeTim Mi4je5 månader sedan
  • F2 you play really good i always support you

    Ho B PipaHo B Pipa5 månader sedan
  • نريد اظهار ترجمه لغه عربيه الفيديوهات

    Kora On lineKora On line5 månader sedan
  • F2 I think you are amazing and I have an idea that you two can do for your next video. You can make a special Covid-19 team of 22 players and then can record a shot battle. I hope you like the idea and you guys are awesome.

    Tim Mi4jeTim Mi4je5 månader sedan
  • توخوا ئةتوو قوندةر نيت

    Hana KamalHana Kamal5 månader sedan
  • Faz vídeo do desafio de fazer com os canteiros

    m talia TVm talia TV5 månader sedan
  • احبكم من العراق

    حسوني العراقيحسوني العراقي5 månader sedan
  • i am waiting for f2's new video in this lockdown

    Abir's WorldAbir's World5 månader sedan
    • Me too

      master abirmaster abir5 månader sedan
  • منو اجة لهنا من خلال بشار 😂

    Yamin DaminYamin Damin5 månader sedan
  • Jester sounds like my coach

    Trying to get to 1k subs before coronavirus endsTrying to get to 1k subs before coronavirus ends5 månader sedan
  • Power shot banana

    ferry kristantiferry kristanti5 månader sedan
  • Who else is here from dude purfect?

    Popcorn PlayzPopcorn Playz5 månader sedan
  • Yes.

    Anon AnonAnon Anon5 månader sedan
  • الي جاي من فديو bashar araby بشار عربي

    Hamody AlrybayHamody Alrybay5 månader sedan
  • بشار قلدكم ي هطف انت وياه seworld.info/will/q4auycm5pa1rqIU/video

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  • الي جاي من طرف بشار لايك

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  • Make a messi vs Ronaldo part 3

    TTG GAMERYTTTG GAMERYT5 månader sedan
  • الي جاي من طرف بشار لايك

    MGR -٩١١ ،MGR -٩١١ ،5 månader sedan

    mohamed Gamermohamed Gamer5 månader sedan
  • Lol....I like the whole concept of this channel...just figured it out today👍We have a countdown of Top 5 Best Players Humiliating Others with Ankle Breaking Skills...We'd be glad if you check it out and tell us what you think.🙏 Please leave a like a subscribe if you enjoy to support. Thank you🔥

    Choco's Top 5Choco's Top 55 månader sedan
  • Hai F2 it's exelant vedeo i like it so please reply meee

  • Woi pake bahasa indonesia lahhh bangkee

    Sumiati SalehSumiati Saleh5 månader sedan
  • I from Brazil and i love your channel! 🇧🇷

    Ajax The bestAjax The best5 månader sedan
  • Please hakim ziyech

    MAFIA XPMAFIA XP5 månader sedan
  • wow 3 weeks no uploads you guys lost ideas? or motivation

    ѕσlσтнєѕησωѕσlσтнєѕησω5 månader sedan
  • when are they going to post a video

    Laura BraggLaura Bragg5 månader sedan
  • Hey legends! - Football/Soccer content posted every week here!! 🙌💪🏽 check me outtt!!Thank you and stay safe :)

    Akbar 1on1 SoccerAkbar 1on1 Soccer5 månader sedan
  • wow😘

    FARESFARES5 månader sedan
  • Post a new video

    Moustafa JammalMoustafa Jammal5 månader sedan
  • I thought yall easily had it

    junny velasquezjunny velasquez5 månader sedan
  • F2 what happened in stay at home championship

    junny velasquezjunny velasquez5 månader sedan
  • U should do a whipage challenge

    Haider ImranHaider Imran5 månader sedan
  • Black lives matter

    Ahmed MohammedAhmed Mohammed5 månader sedan